Where’s my bed?

Phew. I’m alive, but only just. Two days of teaching in a (good) state school. It looks like  I’m on a 3.5 day week, which the school has beautifully manicured to give me Friday afternoon and all Mondays off. I have to say that they come across as very accommodating.


How’s it been? Well I’m cycling in every day which is a 12 mile round trip. I know, I know, it’s an electric bike. But it’s still not without effort. And of course you have to cope with the elements. Four trips, three drenching ones so far. It’s not funny. I can manage most of the route not on roads, and it takes me about half an hour whatever the traffic.
My timetable is all lower school (11-14 year olds) and, bless them, nearly all are bottom set, and there are many behavioural problems. As a result every class runs close to catastrophe – but every class has a silver lining; kids who really want to learn. I’m working on one class a day – and it won’t always be the same class – where at the end I’m pretty much hanging from the rafters. It’s wearing, but already I’m seeing some small successes. And I have been royally welcomed. So, so far, just about so good.
The house is coming together slowly. We have pretty much decided to keep ‘the cottage’, even if we were to head off into the sunset for months at a time. As a result were sorting out storage and making it as comfortable as we can.
I think, as my eyelids droop, that’s all for now. Signing off…

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