I’m fixated

So, US politics. Where do you start? The theatre is extraordinary. The depravity is deep. The (alleged) criminality extraordinary. The partisanship is beyond belief. When Hollywood make a film of this, the ain’t ever going to do it justice. There’s too much. It’s too big and too wide. I suppose Netflix could make a mini-series along the lines of the West Wing, but somehow adapt the script so that it’s more like House of Cards.


I haven’t the energy to mention it all, but let me give you what I’ve got. Leave aside the fact that Puerto Rico still doesn’t have decent power (they can’t vote, so why bother), Trump has failed to tweet about the deathly mudslides in California and couldn’t reach into his golf bag to find his phone to tweet about the extraordinary missile alert in Hawaii. People were sat in cellars sending final messages to their loved ones as they waited for the blast wave to blow away their house, so that the radiation had an easier job of destroying their soft tissue. Of course California is a Red state and Hawaiians are not the same colour as the rest if us, and also mostly vote for the Dems.

How about the sh**hole outburst? This is his trumpness showing off in front of a small gallery, but what the….? Come on. Even if in the deepest recesses of your mind you thought that countries like Sierra Leone were, well, what he called them, why would you? Of course certain Republican members of the audience selectively forgot what Trump had said, and then he denies saying it, even though the WH do not. Me, say that? With my reputation? And, by some stroke of irony, on Martin Luther King Day which followed on when Donald suggested all Americans go out and do good in the community, he played golf.

Then there’s the (alleged) two prostitutes who spent time with Donny after Melania had given birth to his son. Powerful men and their egos, hey?

Of course I’ve not mentioned the Russian dossier thingy, where, apparently, there is no collusion. And then there’s the fact that he hasn’t released his tax return and he’s making money from all sorts of people for using property with his name on it. And there’s a money laundering thing that I haven’t got to the bottom of. And, and…

Any one of the above would have brought down any mortal president, so you do have to have your hat off to the man. He has moved the goalposts of acceptability so far to the right that nothing can shock anymore. Amazing.

Finally, for the record, we made it Mum and Dad’s, and have since moved onto Mary’s. We’re really looking forward to settling into our new place and I’m really excited by the thought of going back into the classroom next week. Fabulous

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