I wasn’t expecting that…

Madness, just madness.

I could harp on and on about the Alabama Senate result (hurrah!); thank goodness for a huge slap of common decency in that very conservative of US states. But I won’t, although I really could. Or I could go on about the current state of play in the Ashes, and how England look like they may be making a fist of the third test.

Or…I could talk about how I found myself with a job.


baby it’s cold outside…

What!? How did that happen? Good question. I told you that I as trying to get some supply teaching to fill the gap between now and the summer. Well, cutting a long story short, as I was supply teaching at a state school on Tuesday, I was approached and offered a part time job. Actually I was offered any employment I wanted, really. I could have taken a full time post. And, at the same time, a posh school in Bristol offered me a part time post. In fact, both roles and the classes they were offering were pretty similar.

Of course, I could have turned them all down. And, as a full time writer with a book in the offing, that would have been a sensible option. But, as I always said to C, if we moved into a house, unless the books were bringing in a living wage, I would look to go to work. And, do you know what? The classroom has always been my favourite place (other than the ski slopes and a decent beach). And, whilst some of the kids are a real challenge and by 3 pm this week I have been on my knees, it’s great to be trying to get kids to enjoy and get something out of my subject.

I start on a 3.5 day week after skiing on 20th January. And the contract runs through to the summer, which gives me a break before I start to write book 5 in August. I am teaching Key Stage 3 (years 7, 8 and 9), the little ones, and I am really looking forward to it.

So Christmas, New Year, skiing and then back into the fray.


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