Work? Me?

Well, that’s gone and done it. I think by the end of next week I will have either secured some work – or actually done some. And, do you know what? In a strange way I’m sort of looking forward to it.

I maintained all along that if we went firm – that is lived in a house – I would have to find work. This was for two reasons. One, it would mean we wouldn’t be renting the property and would need/like to find that income from somewhere to rebalance that. Two, if we were static, other than write (and the Spring is my thinking time), what would I do with myself?

So, on that basis mid-last week I applied to two private schools and four state schools – all of them in the closest proximity to Bradley Stoke. I asked for ‘maths supply teaching’; and I reminded the state schools that I wasn’t a formally qualified teacher. For non-UK readers it may seem strange that some schools in the UK let ‘unqualified’ adults loose on children. It’s true. Private schools look for older, experienced adults (with appropriate degrees and only after rigorous interview) to fill some of their teaching gaps. And state academies and free schools have dispensation to employ idiots like me. I think that’s mostly to do with numbers – but it’s also about getting the right people in.

Anyhow, I have 8 years teaching experience. And whilst I was rubbish at the beginning, I think I was really OK by the end.

Two schools came straight back to me. A very posh private school who offered to interview me for a part-time timetable (Years 7 and 8 – bless) until the Spring and then maybe a bigger timetable for the summer term to cover a maternity gap. And a state school asked me to complete an interview form, send in my CV and then I would be called in to meet the team. Excellent. Except, the private school wanted to see me the Thursday/Friday just gone (not available – nor Monday as I’m in London hoping to become a trustee of an army education charity). Then they went quiet on me. One problem may be that I can’t start with them until week 3 of next term because we are skiing. And then, at 3.30 on Friday the state school emailed someone like me (not my complete email address) and asked me to come and supply on Tuesday – ie teach all day. Thankfully the man who received the email – he could have been anywhere in the world on any time zone – recognised the importance of the message and forwarded it to me. I got back to them, but by the time I did that it was closing time at the school.

So we’ll see. I’m still not confident the state school realises that I’m not formally qualified, and may stop me from entering the school when they do. Which would be a shame. Because at 55, with 26 years’ Army experience and 8 years as a teacher, I think I could handle a state school classroom really well. And I’d like to give it a try!

What am I after? Well a day or two days a week supply would be good. I’m not sure I’m up for a part-time, but a call on a Tuesday to teach on Thursday would work for me. We’ll see.

It was cold today in Godalming

We’re with Mary at the moment, helping out. Back to Bristol tomorrow. And, who knows, some work next week?

(Oh, and the books have stopped selling. I’ve finished updating the very positive beta feedback – thanks guys – and I’ve just finished the synopsis for For Good Men To Do Nothing. Hurrah!)

Have a great week.

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