Who’s writing the script?

A shortish post this mid-week. I could (I really could) go all political on you, but I won’t. C and I are West Wing aficionados. We love it. We have just started watching it for the fifth time. The acting, the storyline(s) and the humour make ideal telly. We also watched a couple of series of House of Cards – before #metoo rightly collapsed it in its current form. But gave up as it was just too dark for us.

But now I don’t have to bother with any of that. I just keep an eye on BBC News and Twitter. It’s like watching an unscripted TV reality show, where you know that no producer or director has actually written the next page of the screenplay. Which makes it kinda fascinating, but also scary at the same time. The Jerusalem thing is just off the scale.

So I won’t go all political on you.


Book sales have dropped right down – that’s a negative. But a positive is that my beta readers have come back with very positive reviews (thanks you lot!) of book 4 – For Good Men To Do Nothing. I have some work to do on a number of areas, but it’s all within my ability. What I will do now is start edit 4 and incorporate those changes. Then I’m going for a new tack – look to some smaller publishers and see if anyone is interested. That’ll be a post-Christmas thing.

And, because we have some time on our hands, I have applied for some supply maths work in Bristol. And two schools have come back to me in a positive way, with maybe an interview early next week. It’ll be just a bit of work, but it will keep my hand in and earn a few pennies. Hurrah!

Anyhow, have a good rest of week. Off to Mary’s tomorrow and back to Bristol on Sunday. I’m in London on Monday for an interview to be a trustee of an Army education charity. Something else which interests me.






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