Pick me up!

We’re having a discussion about which films we like. C’s got Clash of the Titans on, and, as a result, I’m writing the blog. For her, anything back in history and escapist seems to work. For me, it’s a decent thriller. Not too high tech, not too deep, but with strong characters. I like the Bourne movies, for example. Anyhow, Clash of the Titans is not for me.


I fell over today. I’m getting really fed up of falling over. I fell badly in New York and smacked my knee. I fell off the pavement. I was sore for a couple of weeks and I’m not looking forward to going skiing, just in case it blows up. Today, I went for a run down the beach. After last night’s storm, Mrs Sun was out – but it was windy. Somehow or other I tripped on a rise in the sand, landing on my side. I thought at first I’d cracked a rib, but I don’t think so. I’m just very sore. It didn’t stop me from finishing my run, so it can’t be all that bad. Oh, and a couple of nights ago I had the worst case if D&V I’ve had for ever (too much info?). I was violently unwell. I don’t do the V bit. Last time I was that unwell was 25 years ago. Interestingly it only lasted a couple of hours and I was happy as anything the next morning. I don’t get that.
So, to the books. Well, I think I might have mentioned that I have dispatched Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay to various agents. I will send it to a few more, but not for a couple of weeks. My director friend Frank tells me he’s meeting with a producer this week, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m at the end of edit one of book 4 and loving it. Next is for C and I to read it. That’s always fun. I reckon we’ll have that done by end of the week. Hurrah!
We’re moving away from Plague D’Artiste tomorrow. Inland for a bit, to see a couple of local sights we’ve not visited before. And then back down to St Marie de la Mare for a week or so. The weather looks sunny but colder. But that will suit us.
Have a great week!
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Time for contemplation

The thing about being away is that you get time to reflect. Real, uninterrupted time. And that’s what we’ve been doing (as well as some touristing and book stuff). We’ve been thinking about the next couple of years and what it looks like for us. We’ve been at this full timing malarkey for over three years now, and we are still taken by it. It’s the simplicity, it’s neatness, the freedom. But, it’s also fair to say that C wants some room to expand a bit. Shake out all the old stuff and see what we’ve got. And, whilst originally we saw ourselves having Christmas in sunnier climes, after year one (winter in Sicily and Greece) we have been home for Christmas. It’s about family and friends. And certainly this year we’re home again. And do you know what? It can be blooming miserable in the cold and rain in a small white box.

our usual spot

So what are the ingredients? As luck would have it Jen and James are moving out of the house that we own – they’ve bought their own place in Gloucester. This gives us a two-up, two-down to play with. With, luckily, just enough room to park Doris in the drive. We want the freedom to go away for long lengths of time. We have some plans for next year. We don’t know which country we want to live in, let alone which part of which country. I’m loving the writing and feel more confident about the books now than I ever have done. I do see myself earning a wage of sorts in four or five years time (at, say, book 7 or 8) and we could hang onto then. However, I have no problem with going back to work. Part time or full time. I have to say that going back into the classroom excites me. But maybe not full time.
We have two daughters and husband(s) who want to see us. Bex and Steven are likely to stay abroad for the time being, so we need a slab of time to go and see them. Oh, and we must ski each year. And we have friends and relatives who want to see us, and, without wanting to sound arrogant, need us. And that’s the problem with working full time, of course. Finding the capacity to see people if I were working, would become more complicated. And, finally, C doesn’t want to work. And will follow my lead – so she tells me.
What’s that look like then? Well, we’re not sure. I think we will move into the house in Bristol and make it ours. My rule has always been, if we move into a house I will have to get some work. Well, with the books making a little bit of money, that’s may not be necessary – but we would then need to rein in our plans a bit. So maybe I’ll look for some v part time work? Still ski in January, and hope to go to Spain in May for a couple of months. And we mustn’t forget that Jen and James get married at the end of March.
    I must find a title for book 4
It may be that, once we’ve sorted ourselves out the plan reverts to renting out the house and generating some more income. But, we’ll see.
Exciting hey?
Oh, and I’ve started touting Unsuspecting Hero screenplay around some agents and ITV. And Frank tells me he’s meeting with a producer next week. We can only do what can do