Moving in…

You really don’t want me to go all political on you again this morning. But I thought I’d share a WhatsApp photo that our elder daughter sent through from The Bahamas last night. I think it sums up where we are today. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.


The good news is that book 4 (working title – For Good Men To Do Nothing) is now with my 5 beta readers. It is, for an author, an exciting and a tense time. Will they like it? Will they love it? Will they hate it (and would they tell me)? Last time, for The Innocence of Trust, one of them implored me not to self-publish because – bless them – the book was too good not to go through a traditional publishing route. Alas, I tried a number of agents and got nowhere.

Interestingly, I’ve had two nice rejections for Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay – and nothing back from 4 others including ITV.

I am going to go back round the baby with book 4. Today I’ll pick a couple of agents and, rather than sell the book, try and sell the whole package. My gut feeling is that nobody is going to be interested in a series – but I’ll give it a go.

We’re back in Bristol and will be here until next weekend (when we’re back at Mary’s for a couple of days).  Then back down here for Christmas. It seems likely that Jen and James will be moving out after Christmas, giving us time to move in (that means painting and decorating whilst sleeping in Doris!) before we go skiing. We’re really looking forward to it now. And, by way of establishing that we are indeed moving in, I have been onto a teaching agency and asked if they’ve got any supply work for an old maths teacher. The fact that I am not professionally qualified – ie, no letters after my name – is a block for some State schools. So we shall see. But, the idea of going back into the classroom even on supply excites me. However, not as much as becoming a successful author…


Doris outside our house (the one on the right). She’s bigger than the house…

…so, keep at it Roland!

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