Probably isn’t good enough…

WordPress told me that my blog was ‘probably’ going to be named as ‘blog of the year, 2017.’ But, they wanted me to attend a photoshoot and an all-expenses paid interview in New York. I told them that probably wasn’t good enough and I turned them down.

Oh, and Random House have said that they will probably publish the 4th in the Sam Green series and turn it into a NYT No 1 bestseller. I’d have to attend a good number of exciting, high-profile literary events – with a lots and lots of photoshoots with really famous people. I said that probably wasn’t good enough and will self publish next year.

Do you want another one? OK – probably not. Although, from your perspective probably isn’t good enough.

What is the world coming to? Come, on. Really. Who needs TV – and how are mags like Private Eye managing when the satire is being played out before them?

And I haven’t got onto Trump’s very latest – complaining that the world sees the US through the eyes of CNN – the world’s most popular news channel. And, why don’t we all watch Fox News? That’s like Teresa May complaining that the world gets its British news from the BBC when what they should all be watching is Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

So, let me ask you all again. What is the world coming to? And this is before you mix in the whole Trump/Moore sexual predator/paedophile running sore. I thought we, as a race, had got past that in positions of responsibility. That is, if you break the law or admit to or get caught doing something abhorrent – something which should make your position in authority untenable, then you resign. And you certainly don’t get elected in the first place. If not, then as an ex-teacher, surely I’m at liberty to prey on any vulnerable young person? No, why not? That’s the message.

I may be wrong here, and this may be more of a movement than a man, but how can one person upend liberal society so tumultuously that we are all questioning where the boundary between right and wrong actually is?

We missed the third part of the excellent C4 documentary, ‘Trump – an American Dream.’ It follows his career/life from when he got the reins of his Dad’s multi-million dollar business in the early 80s. What was absolutely fascinating was a 20 second TV interview just before he was about to go bankrupt for the first time. He must have been early 30s at that point. He said, ‘Don’t listen to the reporters – it’s all fake news.’

Fake news.

That was almost 40 years ago. If it doesn’t work for the leader of the free world (sorry Angela – when you get your coalition together you can have that title) then it must be fake. Period.

Please, please don’t tell me that this is a new age that we all have to live in. From Obama – the image of grace and endeavour, to Trump – sorry, if I start writing what I’d like to, someone will sue me. Please. I’m old enough to survive this, but I’m not sure my children are.


Just back from a icy run. What is the world coming to?



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