Almost home…

I am writing this on the ferry. We are back a couple of weeks earlier than we expected, but at least we have finished the ‘joint’ editing of the book. That went well, it really did. I think C liked the book, and we had far fewer set-tos than we’ve had before. It’s a shorter story (117k words as opposed to 130k for The Innocence of Trust) and I think that shows. On second and third read it’s also quite complicated – which is the point, I don’t write simple stories, they are thrillers after all. So we’ll see. I’m up to chapter 10 out of 19 on edit three, and then it’ll be out to my beta readers for their review. I still aim to publish in late Spring, but could easily bring that forward. Of course, I’d need to think of a title before then.


St Quentin

  • How’s it been? Well, I mentioned last time round that we’re going to move into our place in Bristol. It is a small terraced house on a 1980s estate. But there’s room for Doris on the drive and it’s warm – we will still make it our own. We have plenty to do for the next month, including visits to my folk. Christmas is likely to be in our house (how does that sound?). Jen and James will be in their new house and I know they have Christmas planned with his mum and dad. Bex and Steven are flying from The Bahamas to Los Angeles to visit friends of theirs there. But we will have a lot to do, sorting out the place. We have been asked to East Anglia for New Year (thanks P&D) and then we’re due to Chatel on 5 January for 12 days in the snow. What more could we want?
But – there is a cost to going static. We will lose rental income and we will have all of the household bills to pay for, which hitherto, we have avoided. We may even have to get a TV license! To balance this I’m looking at imaginative ways to make a few bob, whilst not restricting ourselves when it comes to travel. Teaching is what I do reasonably well, so I’m looking at part-time avenues there in Bristol. Of course, in an ideal world the books would be flying off the shelves, but that has yet to materialise (although, for the record, the last time I had a ‘no-book’ sale was a single day in September.). But at about £1 a book in royalties, I’m going to have to sell a lot to counter the loss of rental income. We shall see!
And the blog? Well, I’m going to keep at it. Twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays. I still get a steady readership, so someone is reading this rubbish…

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