Editing away…

We’re now at Saint Marie de la Mare, another old haunt of ours. It’s an old gypsy town on the edge of the Carmargue. It’s our third year in a row. The Aire is right by the sea with water – and the rustic, seaside town (and bull ring) is a short stroll away. However at €13 it’s pricey. We get away with €6.50 back at Plague D’Artiste. The view from our front window is fab through.


The weather has been Mistrally… sunny but accompanied by the cold, northerly Mistral wind. So cold that you really have to wrap up well to go outside. We can just about manage that.

We are now close to halfway through edit 2 of book 4; lets call it For Good Men To Do Nothing. It’s been a much more benign process than the first three times we’ve done this. I think that’s for two reasons. First, C’s not had much to do with the manuscript, so she’s reading it for the first time and (ask her) loving it. Second I’m getting better at this. I think I’m much sharper at the whole writing thing, so that’s good news for both of us.


Book sales have pottered along between 2 and 4 a day, with no advertising – on both sides of the pond. I suppose I should really be grateful that, by some quirk of something or other, people seem to want to read my stuff. Ok, so whilst I’m not yet at 10 books a day – my target, there is a residual sales feed which I am very grateful for.

More editing! Must dash …

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