I had a writing interlude yesterday. I took some work down at my old school in Somerset. Three years ago, after we’d had our initial 8 months away, I followed two strands of self-employment. The first was being an author – I had finished my fist novel in the Sam Green series, Unsuspecting Hero. The second was bit of educational leadership consultancy, which built up into a very small business. I enjoyed the work, felt I was making a difference, but it tied us to the UK at specific times. I didn’t advertise, and so it grew very slowly. But it brought in a few beans – and kept my brain working.

Then book 2, Fuelling the Fire arrived. Then book 3 – The Innocence of Trust. This summer my work with a second school naturally came to a close and, between us, we decided that writing was so much more fun (I decided that) and that it was much more flexible (we decide that) that I should let the consultancy slip – even though the consultancy was bringing in more beans than the writing.


So, I’m an author! But, I still had a couple of clients at my old school – and had decided to keep them going. I went down yesterday for the day and, the problem is, when I do go down there is often a new piece of work that pops up. Like I might have to go back down again on Friday. But I love the place so much, that it’s difficult to say no.

Writing continues. Book sales continue – I’m still not at the target of 10-a-day, but I am averaging 4-a-day. All of sales are organic. For example, I have sold 4 today already – and I tend to sell a couple in the evening. We’ll see. Reviews remain v positive. I’m now at 139 reviews on Goodreads – with all 3 books well over the 4* rating. Interestingly Unsuspecting Hero continues to get good reviews on all platforms. As my first and shortest book, I think it lacks the depth of the others, but people still seem to like it. Which elicits an hurrah!

And I’m waiting for a telephone call from Frank. We’re to talk over the synopsis of Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay before we both try and tout it to various agents and producers. He remains v positive – me less so. Thankfully he’s on my side!


my mate JRB – brush ‘n all

We have the weekend planned with my mum and dad, then back here to pick up Doris before we head off to the South of France. The ambition is to be back in early December having completed two thorough edits – one of which is with Claire, who does a fab job as Joe Average Reader.

On-on then!

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