Busy, busy

It’s been a long day. We’ve been helping out at a party with Mary (which was fun), I have just managed to push our 1,322 words and now I have got the blog to write. Twice a week, week in, week out. It’s part of what I do, when what I really should be doing is putting my feet up. But, you’re worth it.


Good colours at the mo. Words are from The Innocence of Trust.

It’s all been about the writing this week. I’m tantalisingly close to finishing book 4, which I think will have the word Armageddon in its title. I don’t want it to sound too dramatic, so I’ll use a couple of words to tone it down – but Armageddon is in the text, so it’s a nice catch to add some connection between text and title. I also know pretty much exactly what happens in the last 15,000 words. In bed, when I really should be sleeping, the scenes keep turning over in my mind. However, such is my mad imagination, I started out on Sam’s bus journey between Caracas and Amazonas (Chapter 16) just now. Then, within three sentences I decided it would be a good idea if she were mugged at the bus station – which happens a lot apparently (don’t travel by bus in Venezuela!). So that got written – and it was really fun!

On Thursday I tripped to London to see Frank, my director friend, to discuss a plan for Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay. The short outcome was that he would now act as my agent and try and sell the manuscript around his producer friends – and I would email it to a couple of agents. He wanted a synopsis – which I didn’t have for the screenplay, so I butchered the book version and sent it to him. He’s yet to come back to me.

And I have been working hard on social media. I now paint a story on Twitter – which I love doing. It’s about a writer’s day – ups and down. And I’ve put on 150 followers in 3 weeks, growing at a rate of about 7 a day at the moment. Find me on @rolandtheauthor if you’re interested. My Instagram still gets a post a day and I’m close to 300 followers there. I have, by the way, no idea if this actually helps me sell books. But at least I am getting a following of sorts.

Finally, off to pick up Doris tomorrow. V excited. We both hope she’s ok. The plan is to stay with our Jen for a couple of days, visit my Mum and Dad next weekend and then head off down to the south of France for a month to finish the book. That’s the plan!

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