Where’s Donald?

I have to get this out there. I do wake up every morning, reach for my phone, click on the BBC News App and hope I don’t read of a nuclear exchange in the northeast of the Pacific


where’s the groundsman?

Rim. Men and egos. It’s what has always taken us to war. Mind you, Donald is spending most of his time dissing black sportsmen – so hopefully his head is on other things.

Two highlights to report. First we all went to the ‘Cricket Club’ on Friday night. Now, you may not know – I certainly didn’t – that cricket is The Bahamas national sport. And the ‘Cricket Club’ is their national stadium. National stadium? Ehh, well, think British village green and you have it. The pavilion has an upstairs bar which serves inexpensive beer and a good chicken burger – which is also affordable. And there are four TVs showing different sports. There may be no cricket, but it’s a fun place to spend some time. The club also has live music on a Friday. We left before it kicked off, but C and I have it in our sights for next Friday. Hurrah!


looking fab at the One and Only…

Second. Yesterday C, Bex and I went back for a coffee to the One and Only Ocean Club, which is an exclusive club on Paradise Island. I’ve mentioned it before. Well, again, we were treated like royalty, fed wonderful coffee and sat and soaked up the atmosphere. It was great. However, I was disappointed to learn that it is a brand. And that there are many One and Onlys (surely then, they should be called The One of Quite a Few Ocean Clubs?). Oh, well. When we win the lottery we shall plan to visit them all.

On the way out we stopped in the lounge and looked over the silver-framed photos on the grand piano – they are part of the whole One and Only tradition. The photos are of previous guests; The Beatles; Ursula Andress; Ian Flemming; etc. What was odd was that one of the frames was face down. I thought maybe it had been blown down by a over-vigorous fan, so I turned it over. Have a guess who it was?

Yes, you’re right. It was Donald. Seriously. People’s dislike for him (is that a strong enough word?) manifests itself in so many ways.


where’s Donald?

Anyhow, books are selling, thank you very much. Have a great Sunday.

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