Cake by the ocean…

I got a bit sunburnt yesterday. I think we both did. The four of us went out with a couple of B&S’s friends to a beach at the end of the island. We stopped for coffee at Louis and Steen’s cafe, which has fab views over the ocean. And then off to the beach for a bit too much of Mrs Sun’s much brighter Bahamian cousin. We were good – we stayed in the trees, but what with snorkelling and the trees having gaps between the leaves, the sun was merciless.


the view from Louis and Steen’s

But we had a fab day. As we have had every day – it’s been a combination of trips out, swimming on the local beach, washing off the salt in the complex’s pool and looking for turtles and rays (yes, we’ve seen both) in the canal that runs along the back of their garden. And we’ve still been running. There’s a 4 kilometre circuit in the gated community which both C and I have been managing in the heat.

Oh, and we have the use of a couple of B&S’s teacher friend’s canoe. So we had a morning paddling out on the ocean and snorkelling, looking at lots of coloured fish, but not, sadly, coloured coral.

We also spent an early evening in Atlantis, the huge swanky hotel on Paradise island. It has two aquariums, a casino, a waterpark and so much more. If you go in after 5.30 you can visit the aquariums for free. Hurrah!


Atlantis – all free after 5.30


And I’ve been writing. It’s been both fun – when I’m into it, and an effort – when I check book sales which are hovering just above ‘none’ (I sold two books yesterday). I’m really happy with Book 4, which I have named ‘Money for Something’ (it will not be the final title, I’m sure), and when you get to read it you will find the action moving from Croatia, Austria, Germany, The Bahamas, Colombia and the UK and US. But, to be honest, when I give myself a schedule of 1,500 words a day, squaring up to the keyboard and typing sometimes requires superhuman effort. But that’s what writers do. They get on with it. And we all follow the same mantra – ‘you can’t edit what you haven’t written’.


So all’s well here. We are planning a couple of day trips to the local cays. And one of Steven’s Year 10 lads has his own fishing boat (for which read powerboat) and wants to take us out onto one of the very local cays. How lucky are we?

And, just now, we’re sitting watching the Grand Prix. Isn’t this what Sundays are for?

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