Back to the drawing board

When I first started penning this nonsense (in 2013) we were heading for a break clean – leavng employment and disappearing off into the sunset in a cloud of unburnt diesel. The day we stuck the original Doris into first gear, I started writing full time – that is every day. I tried to be humorous – Brysonesque if you like. Every so often I would pick


C looking over the Stour

up a political theme and give you my views on the topic of the day. There was in-depth discussion about the merits of full-timing; and the wonders of waking up with a new horizon every day. A few people liked what I wrote. At one point I was getting 50 unique views a day – over 350 a week.

But posting every day was tough. Finding reliable Wifi wasn’t without stress, especially in far-flung places like Sicily; and when I started writing my first novel, Unsuspecting Hero, I also found that I was running out of time. So I cut production, OPEC-like, to twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays. And then I wrote for writing’s sake, almost a diary. It became a slog, especially as I was three books down and writing a fourth. The blog was second-place in a two horse race.

Now I’m on Instagram and have been for over a year. I post religiously – every day. IMG_20170827_112735928Which further adds to the social media pressure (I also have a Facebook page which needs updating). Is it any wonder that this drivel became more, well, drivel-like?

And then, on Friday, we visited pals of ours, The Blyths. Seymour is an old Army friend and Debbie, his wife, produces and sells her own jewellery (@debborahblythjewellery). Every time we meet we end up discussing our social media footprint, sales, marketing and the like. And this time she really inspired me to make the most of the blog, Instagram, Twitter (which I am now on), Facebook et al. As well as writing my fourth novel. She cited a couple of instances where perseverance had really made a difference.

So, I’m on that! I’m determined to work harder at all this stuff. I won’t get it right, not just yet, but I am determined to get a better presence and make what I do write and photos I do take, count.

Oh, and for the record, we spent an evening with C’s sister, Annie, in Lambourn. And this weekend we’re with Mum and Dad in Colchester – things continue their slow decline here, but no catastrophes yet. Tomorrow, we’re off to Skye to meet up with Jen, James and his family to look over wedding plans for next year. We’re really looking forward to it – other than the drive up and back.

One thought on “Back to the drawing board

  1. Oh, you are courageous: all that social media… But yes then again, you are a writer! I follow blogs, am on facebook, but not very active, reading mainly. And only at home and when I have wifi (free wifi, that is…).

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