And so it ends…

And so the honeymoon ends. It’s been fab. Great to share a special time with two young people we love, but, also, it’s just been great. We’ve got by with almost no angst (with 4 in a van, that’s not bad), and loads of laughs and smiles. The weather has been poor but, as is always the case with us Ladleys, even though Mrs Sun hasn’t been with us we still squeezed some fun out of where we were. C and I have eaten and drunk a bit more than we usually do, and Bex and Steve agree with that statement. Steve says he’s looking forward to getting back to the Bahamas for a stricter diet. We, as some of you know, are joining them for a month in September, so doubtless will join the regime.



Bruges was much better than either C or I remembered it. It is a truly beautiful city, with so many pretty bricked buildings, a huge beautiful square and plenty of canals. However, it is uber-busy and very expensive. Parking is easy enough. If you’re just there for the day/night you can park for free on the inner ring road (if you don’t mind the traffic). There were lots of vans doing it. We parked in the main Aire, which is ā‚¬25 a night with all services. The Aires (there are two either side of the road) are tight. However, if you don’t need electricity then you can park on the adjacent coach park next to the canal using the same barrier entry and exit system. It’s still ā‚¬25, but with much more room!


Doris has been fab. I did think she might just be a bit on the tight side, but at no point did I think we were struggling. We have a partition door which separates our bedroom and loo from the main room and the drop down bed. That really made a difference in the evenings. And, first thing when I was up making a cuppa and checking on book sales (about 3/4 a day still), I was able to draw the curtain on their bed and privacy was retained. Only today C and I were discussing longer term plans, especially as I have taken a back step from the school leadership thing. In the midterm we can’t see our life changing. Such is the success of Doris!

Anyhow, that’s enough from me. We’re at a French air just short of Calais. Ferry tomorrow and then, in a couple of weeks, a car trip to Scotland to meet up with James and Jen (and his parents) to look over their wedding location for next March. Thankfully we have little to do with this one – a small congregation and a highland hotel which provides everything. It will be great to spend some time with Jen and James in the favourite location of Skye.

Then off to the Bahamas. Hurrah!

3 thoughts on “And so it ends…

      • We head over the border Thursday- we are planning up to the top then down the West. Be there for a month so will keep an eye out for you šŸ˜

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