We’re back at Wankum (no sniggering – still) before we launch an assault on Belgium (to Brugges) for a couple of nights. And then the ferry home.

It’s been fun, considering the weather, which has been more autumnal than mid-summer. We did the Brocken. Steve and Bex ran up (500 metres of climb and 6.5km there, and 6.5km back again) whilst C and I walked up, meeting them for a picnic lunch at the top. The Brocken is the old East German listening post with huge towers on top which used to gather info on the unsuspecting West. The weather held, but rained when we got back to the stellplatz. It was a good day.

the top of the Brocken and a couple of idiots

We then drove via one of the few remaining Inner German Border segments – a mile walk into the forest. By chance it is pretty much the same crossing that opens The Innocence of Trust which was a big hurrah for me. And then we drove onto a small village short of Kassel. With the weather inclement we watched a lot of the World Athletics Champs on German satellite. The next day we did Hercules, a huge statue on a hillside above Kassel, but the driving rain forced us into the local cafe where we ate more apple cake and drank coffee. Fab.

= Prologue of The Innocence of Trust


Last night we made it as far west as Soest, another old British garrison town. We walked a bit, I went for a run (we’ve kept that up between us) and watched Mo get silver and the brilliant blokes and girls relay teams get gold and silver. Hurrah!

Overnight here (C and I have been for a run) and off to Brugges tomorrow. Bex wants to drink lots of  Belgian beer.

Doris has been fab, considering she’s looked after the four of us – and the weather. There has been plenty of room. Although we did have a catastrophic leak a couple of nights ago. Thankfully, after some more self-help fixing, the awning has stayed the course during some torrential rain. But, as C was washing something the other night, the hot water wouldn’t run. I checked all of the taps and the same thing happened – no water. I checked the pump, and that was fine. It could only be one thing – a leak in the hot water system. Somewhere. Thankfully I know the van well, and, also thankfully, I found the split pipe which was right next to the hot water tank. It was gushing out. It took me about half an hour to fix the pipe and C and I another half an hour to mop up the water (which was all on the lower, hidden floor). The beauty about Hymers is that, even though there’s a lot of water sloshing about, the wood and fittings are so strong that a dousing of water is not an issue. Anyhow, that’s all done now.

That’s it from the four of us. Back in the UK on Thursday. Bex and Steven fly back to The Bahamas on Sunday. Hurrah!

2 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrr

  1. Have fun in Belgium! You should have stopped at our place: beer is much cheaper in our garden than in Bruges! Cheers! If you want to buy Belgian chocolate: don’t buy Leonidas, they’re industrially produced pralines! The real ones: Pralinette (shop, made on the spot), The Chocolate Line, Chocolatier Dumon…

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