So, we now know how to do Berlin in a 7.5 metre motorhome. As we travelled east we looked at all of the possible options. Campsites, stellplatzes ‘n all. The advice was sporadic and, in the end, not helpful. Inspired C said ‘let’s go to this stellplatz in Werder (Havel). It’s not cheap, but we can sit still for a day and decide what to do’.

In the end it was perfect, although at €13 with no water nor loo dump it wasn’t cheap. Right by one of the many lakes that define southwest Berlin and next to a lovely olde-worlde island village, we walked for 20 minutes, caught a train into Berlin (€21 for 5 people all day travel), and, tired, a free bus journey back to the campsite. We stayed three nights at the stellplatz. On the second day Steve and Bex hired bikes and we cycled (30 miles) into Potsdam and back. Potsdam is lovely – we’ve been before – full of palaces and green and gold topped churches. Think Versailles, but with bratwurst.

Berlin was lovely. Great weather and lots of walking. We did the Stasi museum (a Fuelling the Fire throwback for me) and walked along a stretch of the wall which has been turned into a graffiti/art museum. And we met with Lulu, one of C’s old girls – a German who lives in Berlin. It was a great day.

Today we have driven westward back toward the old Inner German Border. We’re parked up in another stellplatz in Wernigerode (think Chitti-Chitti-Bang-Bang child catcher village with imposing hilltop castle and you have it). Tomorrow we are walking (Steven and Bex running) up the Brocken – the highest peak in the Harz Mountains and where the East Germans used to listen to the West. Again, we’ve been before, but it’s always worth a trek up this extraordinary piece of recent history.

Book selling still – 5 yesterday (3 paperbacks?). Another 5 have gone already today. I shall break open a bottle of something when we sell 10 in a day. As a reminder, when Fuelling the Fire was at its height I sold 66 copies in one day and, on the same day, 19 copies of Unsuspecting Hero. So I’m far off the height of last year’s sales. But, nonetheless, confidence is high.

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