A quart into a pint pot…

We’re almost back to normal, if you consider having your newly married daughter and her husband in the van marching eastwards across Europe toward Berlin as normal. It’s a honeymoon of sorts – their choice. Two weeks looking for Mrs Sun and bratwurst and chips. Doris copes remarkably well with four adults, although I wouldn’t want to do it full time!

bride and birthday girl

We spent Sunday gathering our thoughts, Monday clearing the venue and driving to Mary’s, and Tuesday picking up the B&G from Ashford, stopping at R&C’s to be fed and watered before heading across the channel (thanks again R&C). We’ve ended up at a place called Wankum (no sniggering please) in Germany. We know the place as it was the last stop in Germany where soldiers could use their petrol coupons on the way to Calais to catch the ferry home. Of course, with the soldiers the name made it and I’ve seen many a photo of English folk standing under the sign for an old-fashioned celluloid selfie.


Yesterday was also C’s v important birthday, so we ate in the restaurant on the ferry and ate out last night at a local gastestube – Wiener schnitzel and chips was the order of the day.

Today we head off for central Germany to visit some old Army haunts and where Rebecca (and C) were born. Berlin in a couple of days.

Books? Well they’re still selling organically. Fuelling the Fire went on promotion in the US yesterday for a month (at $0.99) and amazon.com are still encouraging people to buy The Innocence of Trust. The problem for me is I only have 2 US reviews (14 5-star reviews in the UK), so I need to generate some more there. Frank, my director friend, tells me that Keiron Hawkes will look at Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay in the next couple of weeks. And I have submitted articles to two magazines: the US Vanlifers and UK’s Caravan and Camping Club. Oh, and the UK’s Soldier Magazine have promised to review the book – and hopefully, this time, I might actually get a review in the 100,000 readership magazine, We’ll see.

quart into a pint pot

I have some other marketing ploys up my sleeve to hopefully add to sales (8 yesterday – still not at the magical 10). And, of course, book 4 beckons. Hurrah!

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