Get me to the church on time…

It’s been a more relaxed couple of days with C and I popping in and out of Bristol picking up stuff we need for the wedding. I suppose next Saturday is best described as an ‘average’ wedding, in that we’re not paying some venue to run the whole show – with associated costs. Between us we have a church, a reception hall, caterers, a bar, cakes….etc, etc. But, as is always the case with events it’s the detail where the devil is. Hence, trying to find 100 tumblers (as the venue only have plastic beakers) that look the part without breaking the bank, has been an effort. And that is one of about 50 jobs which we have on our collective list. Bex and Steven are up in Penkridge and, as well as walking 20 miles into Birmingham yesterday morning, they have been collecting bits and pieces. It will all get done.

Bex is coming here today so she can go to Wells for a haircut tomorrow and then collect her dress from Bristol. I am driving up to Penkridge as a sort of advance party. The bridesmaids all arrive on Wednesday (we have rented a large house to put them all up) and then the festivities really begin. I have vowed to remain sober throughout – someone has to.

doing some belated admin – still needs to be done!

In among all of this my spate of good, long running has wobbled a bit. I think I’ve hurt my back, but I can’t be sure as the pain moves about a bit. It hasn’t stopped me from going out and only once have I had to reach for some painkillers, but it’s annoying. I am running 10km later with Jen – who has really picked up what she’s doing. So that will test the old back.

dog walking!

Books? Well, they’re still selling – all colours. 7 books on Friday and 6 yesterday. The Innocence of Trust has been re-edited after a number of proofreading errors were discovered by the 100 or so readers who have it in their sticky little  mitts. I am really sorry for those of you who paid good money for something which isn’t yet perfect, and I am really disappointed with the publishing company who have been paid well to put this sort of thing right. Hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be sorted.

That’s all from me then. [Oh, for the record we also completed a day’s admin – I completed our tax returns, which is always a hairy time.] The good news is that this time in about a week it will all be over and I’ll soon be showing photos of the four of us rushing across the German plain. Hurrah!

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