Sam Green is becoming part of the family

Yesterday I go the nicest review I’ve had for a book. It was from someone I don’t know and it read: Didn’t see that coming…just about sums up this exciting spy thriller series. Loved this third book. Great detail, and up to date storylines. Sam Green is becoming part of the family and I can’t wait to find out where she goes to next. I’ve highlighted the bit that inspired me to write and write. What a lovely thing to say?

We took Bex and Steven to Grandma and Grandad’s (my M&D). A sort of last look before the wedding. M&D cannot make the journey – it would just be too far for them, and so it was great to bring to two pairs together. On Monday we took G&G shopping – in Doris. Clacton is an interesting place to drive a 4.5 tonne truck into, so that Dad can get some batteries for his hearing aids. He has dementia, which comes and goes. Most of the time, bless him, he has a vocabulary of about 25 words. He rarely uses nouns. C and I weren’t sure where the hospital was, but Dad promised us that it was just around the corner from the coach park. Now, Mum can’t walk very far and so we let Dad go whilst we hung about in the coach park. After 10 minutes and seeing Dad disappear into the distance I realised it was a mistake. I chased after him, thinking that we might lose him forever. Anyhow, I got to the hospital and, as if by magic, Dad walked out of outpatients with his batteries. He didn’t spot me, so I let him try and find his way back to the van. Which he did! So much for dementia…

bandanna time…

Yesterday we drove to Mary’s to touch base there. Mary, a retired professional flower arranger, is kindly ‘doing the flowers’ for the wedding. No small ask. So we helped a bit there. And today we’re back in Bristol. Our aim between now and Sunday when Rebecca turns up to pick up her dress, is to recoup and source all the things that are currently outstanding for the wedding. As we picked up the car (which we leave with Jen), we found her up to elbows in cotton and material. She has taken C’s sewing machine from the roof and started to make bandannas for dogs – so she can sell them on her dog boarding website. Well done her!

flower things beyond my ken

And the books continue to sell – very slowly. I had a boost today when Amazon sent me an email recommending that I buy The Innocence of Trust. Fabulous. As long as they’re telling everyone else! But, seriously, this is good news. The advert was for their .com site, ie the US. I have over 3,000 readers in the US with no guaranteed way of reaching them. Hopefully this might do the trick. Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Sam Green is becoming part of the family

  1. Hi Roland,

    You provided me with the best laugh for quite a few months when you gave the identity of M in Moscow!

    Simon Page

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