Running is in the family

We have had a fun couple of days with the bride and groom doing pre-wedding stuff. We have visited the reception, the church, spoken with the caterer, the barwoman and the flower shop. We have done a lot of decoration shopping for which bravo to Ikea, The Range and Hobbycraft. And we have looked through photo albums (actually, I didn’t – I watched some film or other) and been for a number of runs. Both Steven and Rebecca are runners – and I often go out with them. I have, for the first time in over three years, started running longer than 30 mins. There’s a run down the canal in Penkridge which takes me almost 40 minutes – and I’m loving it.

running is in the family

As part of the pre-wedding plans we have come over to my Mum and Dad’s in Colchester. They can’t make the wedding (too frail – too complicated), so we thought it best that we haul then over for a pre-wedding inspection. They are in a complex place my Mum and Dad. Very fragile but not fragile enough to warrant a major move – if you get my drift. I think we’re just waiting for a bit of a catastrophe. It’s sad, but they’re too proud to move away from their home. And I have some sympathy with that.

For the next week we are parting company with R&S and heading down to Mary’s and then back to the West Country. Rebecca joins us next Sunday – and then it’s the ‘week before’ … the bridesmaids are gathering on the Wednesday. I guess our feet won’t touch the ground. I don’t know if I told you that R&S are honeymooning with us. We off to Germany to visit where Bex was born (and, coincidentally where C was also born) and then onto Berlin, Bex’s fave city. It was absolutely their choice to come away with us – living in the Bahamas and trips to Cuba, NY and skiing in Whistler this year have taken its toll on their finances. So it’s Doris and the continent – or two weeks in Staffordshire. Lucky us!

Finally, the books. I’m selling all three books at a rate of somewhere between 3 and 8 (total) books a day. There is no pattern. The Innocence of Trust now has 9 decent reviews (thank you soooo much) which should, according to Amazon, be generating some market traffic. But, unlikeĀ Fuelling the Fire, which by now had started to gather steam under Kindle Press’s marketing umbrella, books are not exactly flying off the shelves. I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve – which includes writing book 4, but I am currently unwilling to spend any money on the project. We’ll see. The good news is that the publishing company have immediately agreed to re-edit TIOT on the back of the mistakes found early on in the original release. That’s a hurrah!

So, all’s well with us.

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