Where are my leathers?

It’s been a frustrating sort of couple of days. But, like a Curate’s egg, it’s been good in parts.

Books. Well, The Innocence of Trust is selling. I’m at about 70 copies so far and it’s flying off the shelves at about 4 a day – mostly UK, but I have had a few sales in the US. I’ve had four brill reviews so far and have a target of ‘known’ reviewers at just under 40. For those of your reading this who I have gently pressed so far for a review – sorry. But early reviews help – really help. Amazon’s algorithms pick up reviews when they look to market new books. So, if you have read TIOT please pen a review. They can be done anonymously – and can be just a number of stars; no words (although words help). Unsuspecting Hero and Fuelling the Fire have also still continued to sell. The small marketing drive by Amazon added a further 20 US copies to my readers of Fuelling the Fire. And, as I’m now aware, three books is better than two books is better than one. So I better get on with the fourth.

we went for a walk in Durham Place before we travelled north – loved it

Frustratingly TIOT is not without error. The company I used to prepare the book for launch, which included proofreading, have not done a great job. Four errors in Chapter 1 (one picked up by a friend, and 3 by me in bed last night). I can’t find any errors in Chapter 2, but I am not a proof reader and the author is the last person who should look over their work. Well, me especially. I have sent an immediate email to my ‘publishers’ and see what they come back with. But I am not happy.

On more positive notes, we are in Penkridge on wedding planning. And it all looks good. Caterers – tick. Bar – tick. Decorations – tick. Flowers – tick. Church – tick. I have a few things to sort this morning, and C and I are going on ‘greenery’ hunt in a bit, up and down the canal. And (and this is exciting) I am looking for someone to fit a towbar to the back of Doris. Then it’s a trailer. And then it’s a trike! (A Paiggio mp3, actually). We are both v excited by the prospect of owning something that looks a bit like a motorcycle – photo below.


Anyhow, must get on. Things to do – greenery to discover!


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