Now what do I do?

We have launch! Whilst they’re not flying off the shelves, I am selling copies – including 2 paperbacks! And I have had my first unsolicited review: Unputdownable: The third book in Roland Ladley’s spy thriller series does not disappoint. Like its predecessors, The Innocence of Trust is exciting, fast paced action from the first to the last page. Sam Green is once again his well drawn, flawed heroine; his secondary characters are equally rounded. The up-to-the-minute plot is well thought out and utterly, scarily believable. A highly recommended read. Hurrah!


my three glamorous women!

I have started sending messages to everyone on Goodreads who left a review (there are 105 – I’m at about 30). I have emailed everyone I know. I have LinkedIn some people. And used Facebook and Instagram to send the news. My current ambition is not to spend any money on advertising – to let this thing run and see if it can gain its own momentum. We’ll see.

In among all this book stuff I popped along for tea to an old Army friend of mine who lives a short cycle ride away – he works in Saudi so our paths don’t cross that often. He has just finished his own adventure novel which he is having professionally edited. You can guess what we spoke about (at length).

Bex has held her Hen Night (which C and Jen both went to). It was, by all accounts, highly successful. Bex had a fab time with 15 of her friends (and Mum!). Bristol is such a good place to have a party. Whilst they were making cocktails, my mate Kenn came round for supper. He’s still  serving and is planning to ride a motorcycle to Sierra Leone next Spring for charity. I’ve spent some time there and it’s a fab country – but, for me, flying is the only sensible way to get there. More of his exploits as they come to pass.

And today we visited a local village hall where Jen and her fiancee are planning to hold a celebration party for their wedding next summer…and tonight my old mate Daren (and Karen) popped over to talk wedding photos. As well as a retired officer he’s also a professional photographer and is taking piccies for Bex and Steven’s wedding. As such, how pleased am I to have the book(s) to distract me from all this wedding malarkey!

I think in about a week’s time I’m going to have to pick up Book 4, which, if I remember rightly, I’m towards the end of Chapter 4. I am looking forward to that, but only when I have a clear head.

That’s all from us. May Mrs Sun continue to cast shadows wherever you are…


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