It’s hot…

Now, I’m not complaining, but Mrs Sun has come out guns blazing and, all of a sudden, it’s pretty hot. Like, really hot. I think it’s just a blip, but it’s made C and I come over all a bit tired.

However, life must go on. We picked Bex and Steven up from Manchester, brought them down here, had a Sunday evening at the worst pub restaurant in Christendom doing some wedding planning, went wedding dress shopping and (eventually) they left us to go to see his relatives in Cornwall. Where, we understand, they’re loving the sun.


We spent yesterday and this morning trying to sort out the leaking awning with Chelstons. Bless them, they have worked hard, but still think their fix is temporary. So we’ll have to bring her down for 3 days in a couple of months so they can take the whole thing off, and refit it. It’s all doable, but we could do without the tooing and froing. We left the Focus with Quick Fit to have a rear spring replaced. £290 later, now with two new springs and complete realignment, it’s all done. If I had the right tools I’m pretty confident that I could replace a spring…but, it’s not worth the hassle. And, in this heat, the associated loss of humour.

THE INNOCENCE OF TRUST by [Ladley, Roland]How’s the book? Well, I have emailed everyone I know and done some LinkedIn comms. I have tried to target some of the 100 Goodreads reviewers of my two previous books, but have got nothing back from anyone. My ambition is for 100 preorders by Friday, but I don’t think I’m going to get that. Somehow I need to target the 3,500 folk who have brought my previous books on Amazon – and I am working on that. And then the company I am using have a special marketing tool (not really disclosed to me) which they reckon will assist sales once the book is up and running on Friday.

I’m also doing some other things – looking to have articles written in magazines that I’m associated with (like the Caravan Club article of last month which did a good job of boosting sales for a while). And Kindle Press are marketing Fuelling the Fire for 5 days starting today, so that might help.

But, in the end, it’s about perseverance. And I’m pretty good at that. I think…



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