And launch!

So – today’s the day. This may be my third book, by which you might assume that I’m used to this launch malarkey, but I’m not. And without Kindle Press’s back up, I am both nervous and excited at the same time.

Kindle Cover for Rob

light the blue touch paper…

Anyhow, it’s done. You can now preorder The Innocence of Trust here The Innocence of Trust – Preorder. The cost is £3.49/$3.99 for the ebook and it will be delivered seamlessly to your kindle/kindle App on Friday. Unfortunately, you can’t run a preorder process for the paperback. Never mind – I’ll remind you all next weekend how to get it if you want it.

I’m now trying my best to market it…which includes this blog. Plus Facebook pager. Plus email all my friends. Plus LinkedIn. Plus other avenues, including replying to the 150 or so reviews I’ve had from people I don’t know for Unsuspecting Hero and Fuelling the Fire. And I still don’t know if this is going to make a difference.

Whatever, my belief is that the book is worth £3.49 – and I have to give it my best shot.

We’re now in Penkridge having got up at 4 this morning to drive from Bristol to Manchester to pick up Bex and Steven – and then bring them to his family home. Back to Bristol tonight, and then more marketing whilst trying my best to look engaged in wedding planning. Goodness knows how I would do this if I were working for a living!

Finally – what’s my ambition? Well, with over 3,500 book sold, I’m hoping to sell at least 1,000 of TIOT before Christmas. this would cover costs and as much again. I will keep you in the picture as this develops. As at just now I have sold 14 book (preordered). So please help out and support a poor, down-and-out author!



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