Stand by for launch sequence…

It’s been a good couple of days. My leadership work at Cheltenham and Wells was fun, and whilst part of me wanted to draw a line underneath it and concentrate on writing, a couple of the people I look after have asked that I stay on – one has asked that I follow him to a new job. It’s good to feel wanted in that way.


Home (?) Again…

Whilst all that has been happening The Innocence of Trust has begun to take shape. The company I am using are v efficient, and all looks set for a preorder date from this Saturday, with launch next Friday 7th July. Once I have the confirmed Amazon page it will be a flurry of emails etc letting people know that the book is out there. And then sit back and see what happens.

I don’t have Amazon behind me (although they are advertising Fuelling the Fire again from next weekend for a week, which might help), so I have absolutely no idea if this thing is going to fly. I need to sell 500 books to recoup the money we’ve put into the project. Anything beyond that will be profit. As I’ve sold 2,500 copies of FTF and 1,000 copies of UH, I will be disappointed if I don’t make that number. But, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m still selling copies of both books, at about 1/2 copies a day. It’s hardly paying the bills, but it is (now definitely) what I do. I am an author. I am an author. That’s what I do. The repetition is for me, not for you. I almost believe it. Almost. If The Innocence of Trust starts to make some money (or the UH screenplay genuinely creates interest), then it’ll be confirmed. Keep your fingers crossed.

That’s all from us. I’ve got 5 litres of vinegar stewing away in the hot water system – clearing out the limescale. We’re off to Annie’s (C’s sister) tomorrow, and then picking the almost married couple up from Manchester airport at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning. It will be great to have them back.

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