Back in Blighty

There’s a lot going on in our world. First, and most important, is the run up to Bex and Steven’s wedding at the end of the month. They’re in Cuba at the moment (from the Bahamas), flying back next weekend. Then it’s 4 weeks of wedding prep. This hasn’t stopped C (and Mary – who is a professional flower arranger) from working through pew ends, prepping bio-confetti etc. It’s going to be fun – and it’s going to be a fab day.


pew ends…

Next is The Innocence of Trust. I have just finished proofing the proof. It’s funny, you know. Post publishing I reread Fuelling the Fire after it had been through the professional copy-editing hands of Kindle Press in Seattle. I still found 10 mistakes, which, they tell me, they have now sorted. The British company I’m using for The Innocence of Trust fared no better. OK, it is fabulously typeset – much better than Kindle’s attempt with Fuelling the Fire. But I still found 12 genuine mistake, such as a sentence starting without a capital letter. I also found 15 author changes – so the book is in a much better shape than hitherto. Are there still mistakes? Certainly. But it will do.

The cover is complete and looks good. As is the back page.  I’m hoping to have pre-order available from this Friday, with release date the following Saturday. It is soooo exciting, I can’t tell you. No marketing though, just what I can put together. So it’ll probably be a damp squib – but you never know.

For the record: we stopped at R+C’s (thanks again, and so, so sorry to learn of Tizla’s passing – she was their adorable, old, beautiful dog who we were blessed to see before she passed), Mum and Dad’s – another story (didn’t want to go; didn’t want to leave – something is going to break there soon), and Mary’s (fab – thanks for the cinema and all the love we get when we’re with you). I’m working at two schools Monday and Tuesday this week. And then, I guess, it’s final prep for the launch. Oh, and the wedding! Hurrah.

Oh! And my director friend and I spoke about Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay. It’s not dead in the water. His mate Kieron Hawkes is looking at it next week, and he has another producer friend who has shown interest. He said ‘things happen slower in my world, mate’, with that lovely gangster accent he has.  Indeed…

And both Fuelling the Fire and Unsuspecting Hero still selling. A couple of books a day. Better than none!

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