I’m still writing…

I want to talk a little about my writing today, as I’m sort of feeling good about it, even though nobody wants to traditionally publish my book(s).

First though, what have we been up to? We left Krk and, for no reason that either of us could put our finger on, ended up in Germany about 16 hours later. On the face of it, it could have been a slog, but it wasn’t. Even in 30 degrees of heat Doris is a pleasure to drive, and with motorways all the way we were kept entertained by supercars on the ‘Lion’s Run’, a rich-kids’ race headed for Monte Carlo. We thought of stopping on the motorway in Switzerland, but couldn’t find a rastplatz that allowed for more than 4 hours parking. In Germany there was no such problem, so we parked up and slept.


queue for the St Gotthard tunnel

We’re now having our final 3-days ‘off’ before the UK onslaught – we’re staying at an ACSI campsite just off the Rhine in Braisac. It’s just in France, next to a huge fortification (which houses the town, a UNESCO world heritage site), and over the river is its German equivalent, with lovely old town. We got the bikes done at a v efficient German cycle shop. A new front wheel for C, 4 new tyres and inners cost £250, which was probably £100 more than I could have got the lot from Amazon. But they fitted everything in 2 hours as we wandered around town.


squeaky new tyres

That enabled us to cycle 35 miles (no power from me – legs knew it by the end) down the Rhine in France, and back up it in Germany. Perfect, even if a cold wind accompanied Mrs Sun throughout.

Today, not much. Tomorrow another long slog to Calais, some shopping and home for a week of work and then 4 weeks of wedding prep. Oh, such fun!

Writing. By the time I get home I will be 3/20 chapters into book four (I must get hold of a working title). Sam will have a breakdown at the end of Chapter 3. It’s a hidden (not any more) thing with my books. Sam breaks down at the end of Chapter 3 and then goes on to save the world. I’ve started much earlier this year (June not September) and it means I am writing more slowly. This is good, but also bad. The problem is that my plots are pretty complicated, and, as you probably know, I don’t know what happens next: if it surprises me, it will surely surprise you? Without a real grip on the plot and with gaps between tapping away, I lose bits of the plot and have to revisit where I was. But, slower is less stressful…


lovely here in Germany/France

The second thing I want to stick down for the record is that, in three years, I have written three books and one screenplay. And these are not inconsequential novels. They’re easily more complex than any of the Reacher novels I have read. And they’re big – Fuelling the Fire is 145,000 words and the Innocence of Trust is 128,000 (UH is 85,000, but that was at the beginning of it all). The new book will be at least as long as the Innocence of Trust. They’re different. Sam Green is different from any hero I have ever read. A female lead in an all-male literary world? And, finally, if you don’t mind me putting it out there, people are still reading them. And still enjoying them. Here are my two latest Unsuspecting Hero reviews. One is a Brit, the other is from the US. (These are people I don’t know from Adam, randomly reading my book.)

Five stars. Read this book! This book grabs you from the first page to the last. Brilliantly written, unable to put it down, read it in two days. Excellent going to start the next one now and I can’t wait.

And: SIX STARS ! A masterful insight into todays hazards. Secondary characters are a little “sketchy”. The primary characters are well developed. I’m about to start the second book.

I guess I put this down, because, well, it’s what I do. And, for me, it’s very easy to think that I’m doing b-all, just pottering around. Some authors struggle to put out a book in a lifetime. I’m on a roll!

Sorry for the conceit. Really. But I don’t think I’m doing badly at my day job.


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