Bye-bye Croatia!

Cheerio to Croatia then. We leave tomorrow morning. It’s been about 5 weeks and my opinion of the place hasn’t differed much from my thoughts after 2 which I believe I shared with you. But we have had a fab time, and if you want Mrs Sun’s company, lovely, rocky beaches and more boats than you can shake a mast at, then come here. You will not be disappointed.


Croatia – fab!

The last couple of days have been about hiring a moped and doing the rest of Krk, and a couple of magical David Attenborough moments.

We hired a moped from a guy who works out of his Mum’s house. It was rubbish, in that it looked like a death trap. But it was unregulated so, unless we were going up any incline whatsoever, we pooped along at almost 50 mph. We did all of the ports on the island we hadn’t done, and mopeded into Krk for supper. It was a great day and it both didn’t kill us, whilst, at the same time, taking years off us.


Wallace and Grommit’s not so bright cousins…

We’ve been thinking about a scooter. The bikes are fab, really. But we would have gone to Mostar on a scooter, and so many other places in land where the bikes are just not man enough for the job – of course it’s us who aren’t man enough. I don’t have a bike licence so it’s either a moped, or a trike (which can be ridden on a car licence). Finances willing, yesterday sort of sealed it for us. Whereas a moped could go in the garage and the bikes on a carrier on the back, a Piaggio mp3, which can be driven on a car licence, is too heavy and has to go on a trailer. A moped is probably a £2k expense, whereas a Piaggio and trailer is more like a £5k expense.

Simples? Yes, you’ve guessed it. We’re going to go for a Piaggio. The smallest they do is a 300cc, and the largest a 500cc. Fabulous! Just think of all the places we can go on a machine capable of 90 mph! Death, and I know you’re thinking this, is just around the corner.

The David A moments were both surprises. Yesterday down the end of the island we saw six vultures. At a viewpoint 20 minutes later one flew right over our heads. Today, out in the boat, we were paddling along the rocky coast, dipping into and out of gullies formed by the sea. On a small rock, just off the coast, was a cormorant. We paddled right up to it, like a few feet. And then we paddled round the tiny rock, and it kept an eye on us, but didn’t fly away. It was v special indeed. Sadly I didn’t have a camera with me.


Speck in the middle is a massive vulture

That’s it from me from Croatia. We’re going to back via Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Ferry on the 21st and then the big wedding to plan and then execute. I can feel a military operation coming on!

Oh and I’m 17k words out of 140k into book 4. And loving it!

One thought on “Bye-bye Croatia!

  1. Safe travels home. We are in Italy until Saturday! Near Assisi today. Just had a fab week in monte san martino.

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