Will this purgatory never end?

We’ve had some discussion about whether or not we should do this coast again, maybe using different transport? Say a smart car and a trailer? Or, a small 4×4 with a pop-up tent on its roof. I even suggested cycling (using the e-bikes, of course) and not stopping until we got to Greece? Oh, and what about a small motor yacht – just big enough for two. And then sailing through the Bosporous, into the Black Sea, back down the Danube, via the Danube/Rhine canal all the way to Rotterdam. The beauty is that, other than our dearest wanting us near, all of those things are possible. How lucky are we?

What we can’t take away is how good the Doris/bike combination continues to be (other than the holed roof – not Doris’s fault, and the punctures, but with almost 3,000 miles on the clock I really need to get some new tyres). It’s very easy to become complacent with a van that we don’t really notice. I know that if we downsized, we would easily start to become frustrated with lack of space and equipment. To be clear: we don’t complain about her at all. With the bikes she has taken us everywhere we’ve wanted to go in supreme comfort. We have a huge bed (and a spare – Bex and Steven are coming away with us in August instead of a honeymoon!). Our en suite area is huge, the kitchen has everything, the lounge easily big enough for four, and the oily bit is Fiat’s hugely reliable 3.0 litre, 6-speed thingy with all bells and whistles. We have more battery power than we need, a tracker, a super-dooper satellite system, etc, etc. We carry tables, chairs, a blow-up kayak of which more later. Oh, and variable air suspension and a horn designed for a lighthouse. She is the prefect live-aboard.

It’s doesn’t mean, however, that we may not take some time out and try any of the above alternatives!

ahoy there…the island village of Primosten in the distance

And that neatly brings me on to what we’ve been up to. We had four nights at a lovely campsite just north of the lovely island village of Primosten. We cycled, ran, walked and paddled – the latter in our blow up canoe which has proven to be worth every penny of Β£200. Croatia is ideal for paddling as there are countless uninhabitable islands to explore. We even went out in choppy waters for a couple of hours – my mate Rich, who has canoed around South Georgia, would be impressed. All-in-all, a perfect stop.

Yesterday and today was taken up by exploring the Krka national park, set round a series of waterfalls and a huge gorge. We stayed at an ACSI site a bike ride away from one of the entrances. Taking the wrong turn on day one, we cycled down into the gorge (thank goodness for the bikes for the ride home), came across the lovely gorge/riverside village of Skradin, and then cycled back. Today we did the same thing and for Β£13 each we got a boat ride up the river into the park, and entrance into the park.

Krka national park. Swimming with this swan was up in my top-10 best ever things I have done

The park is one big water feature, with falls and brooks everywhere. We knew to take swimming gear, and at lunchtime with a few others, we popped into the lake next to the main falls and swam about like loons. They rope off the main falls, but it’s still a pretty wondrous excursion.

Back to the beach tomorrow! Is there no end to this purgatory?

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