What do you want first?

Two bits of good news and then one bit of not so good news. Good news first.

When we headed off on this new life just under three years ago I expected to be wearing shorts for the rest of my life. We would be Mrs Sun’s constant companion, Southern Europe in the winter and the U.K., or similar, in the summer. It is fair to say that we have, until today, failed to string 3 good days together weather wise. For the whole time. Our first winter away was the coldest in Sicily/Greece’s weather that anyone could remember. Even two summers ago when we took the kids to France, we never got to the ‘blooming hell this is hot’ point. Until now. It’s been fabulous (C has burnt shoulders), and looks set fair for as long as the BBC weather app can tell me.

Second, Croatia’s coastline is just fabulous. There’s a motorway inland, but if you’re on the main A road it follows, snake-like, the coast. Think west coast of Scotland, but no midges and about twenty million degrees hotter. There are hundreds of islands, all barren, almost desert-like. And the white, limestone mountains come crashing into the sea, you wonder how they built the road. And it’s not busy, the road is good quality and people drive sedately. What’s not to like? We made it about 100 kicks south of KrK, and are about one-third of the way down the coastline. Fab.

Bad news. Kindle Press are not going to publish The Innocence of Trust. This is a big deal; to all intents and purposes I have been turned away by my own publisher. I got an editorial report which was very strong, but they didn’t like the sexual violence (there’s a couple of pages), the title (they suggested: TRUST NO ONE), and there were, as there was with Fuelling the Fire, a number of minor editorial comments.

But no cigar.


I would have thought I would have been devastated, but I am remarkably sanguine about it. Absolutely, the loss of Amazon’s marketing machine could spell a huge loss in potential earnings and market opportunities. But at least now I have complete control. I’m having conversations with a couple of companies about preparing the script for self-publication. The good news is that I would hope to be published by late June I time for the summer rush.

So, that’s all. Mrs Sun is shining on us and can we ask for more than that?


4 thoughts on “What do you want first?

  1. Hope it will be published electronically – don’t have room for books (although I do prefer good old fashioned REAL ones).
    My little white pins are sticking out from my shorts too 😎

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