Made it…

Croatia and Mrs Sun in accompaniment – bliss. We’re on the island of Krk (like most of the Slavic nations the Croatians are reticent vowel users), which is the closest Adriatic island to anyone heading south. It’s about the size and shape of the Isle of White, but, with Mrs Sun out in her bikini that’s where the comparisons end. If you’ve not been to Croatia (we did the Istria peninsula 10 years ago, but the Dalmatian coast is better), it’s as described in the photos: White ragged limestone mountains and rocks creating white pebbly beaches in a turquoise sea – tufts of dark green vegetation adding depth to the vista. It is beautiful, in a rugged sort of way.


We’ve been here a couple of days. The trip from an ACSI site in southern Switzerland (not to be done again – the site was the most expressive of the ACSI rates at €19, but we then got charged a whopping €4.50 each tourist tax; it’s such an expensive country) took us east of Venice along v competent and cheap Italian motorways – £20 for the complete distance. Here, on a much more reasonably priced Italian ACSI site (€17, + €1 each for tax), we bedded down for a single night before hitting Croatia.

One of the vexing questions as we approached the Adriatic was about toll roads in Slovenia and then Croatia. At 4.5 tonnes we have to think like a lorry and not like a car. Investigation showed that if you stayed off the motorways in Slovenia it would be toll free, and if you ventured onto motorways in Croatia you paid at the toll booth. However, our new all-singing, all-directing Gazza the Garmin couldn’t give us a route which was toll free. So we set off expecting a hefty fine, or a short term in a Balkan jail. We needn’t have fretted, as it was as it was and we got here without having to buy a vignette or pay motorway tolls. The toll that Gazza gold us about was the bridge toll to get onto the island of Krk. So, we believe him now…


We’ve ran, cycled (20 miles today to the other side of Krk, up over a 1000 foot climb – there are no flat roads in this country), walked, dipped into the cold Adriatic and lapped up a bit of ‘us-time’. I’m currently sat outside with a cold beer writing this – how I have longed for something similar. Everything slows down…

Finally, what about books? Well, I had a brief exchange with Frank about the screenplay. It’s with Kieron, and now we wait. I’ve had nothing back from Kindle Press about publishing The Innocence of Trust. I’m going to email them again tomorrow. But the good news is that a plot is forming for book 4. C has already said ‘you can’t do that to Sam, what would your readers think?’ So that’s going to happen….

All good with us!

6 thoughts on “Made it…

  1. Book 4 – thank goodness (even tho’ 3 isn’t available yet)!
    You’ve made good time – I’m still only as far as Millau, but I have got more time away than you.

  2. What ACSI site did you use in Switzerland? And did you pay in Euro’s or Swiss Francs?
    We are off to Switzerland in a few weeks and we know it is going to be expensive but we think the scenery will make up for it! We have also found a few places in Camperstop that look cheaper.

    • No 936. Interestingly we did a full pit stop at a motorway service station a few Kms before. And there was at least one stop with services just beyond that. So, if you’re just after services and a bed the motorways have free stops…

  3. Glad to hear you arrived without further leak probs. I was last in Croatia when it was still Yugoslavia and we had to carry our dinar in sacks 😀😀, ah the good old days of hyperinflation

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