Come on Croatia!

This time next week we should be on the continent heading for Croatia. I have to say, and I know I speak for both of us, I can’t wait. Since we came back from skiing in January it’s been a long slog of ‘stuff’. We’ve done a lot of work on Doris (new awning; upgrade alarm; fix satellite; reseal roof lights [yesterday]; clean and refit boot; secure wing mirror; repaint wheel arch; t-cut exterior; new radio aerial; internal tv aerial [there was one under the dashboard?]; fit small 240 invertor so C can use her angle-poise lamp on 12v; fit light in the ensuite area; refit a couple of interior lights; empty, clean, downscale and reload interior; and, and, and…]. We spent 3 weeks at Jen’s working morning and night sorting out the house, I’ve submitted, reviewed and edited UH’s screenplay, we visited everyone at least once, some people three times. We’ve sorted and sold Jen’s car and helped her buy a new one (a lovely Fiat Panda – I want one). We’ve house sat twice – currently we’re back at P&K’s for the long weekend. And I’ve serviced the bikes. And there’s loads more.

back from a run yesterday

We have also kept up our 10,000 step regime, stopped (pretty much) drinking alcohol and attended a lovely wedding!

someone thinks it’s Spring

So…what we need now is a break where we wake up in the morning and think, ‘what shall we do today?’ C said this morning, ‘what are you going to do when we’re away for 7 weeks?’ Certainly I’m not going to write anything – apart from the blog. I will think through the plot for book 4 (I have the prologue and chapter 1 in my head – I just don’t know where it’s going?). I might pick up my guitar and strum away? Who knows. What I do know is that when we come back I have a couple of day’s of work and then we’re heads down for 4 weeks with the run up to Bex and Steven’s wedding. Hurrah!

Insofar as the last couple of days, it’s been selling Jen’s car and then up to P&K’s for the weekend. Yesterday was a Doris day, but at least today we popped out to a local NT property for a wander around – which was fab. Tomorrow we’re driving all the way to Colchester (back on Tuesday) to see Mum and Dad. And then a day with Jen, two days with Mary and by then Calais will not come quick enough. I keep checking the weather…all you need to know is that it’s sunnier and warmer than it is here.

Finally, I was a fireman yesterday. In a previous life I was responsible for the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade (during the fireman’s strike). So, I’m glad I was at hand when P&K’s bonfire spontaneously combusted at 10pm. It took us 30 minutes to dampen it down, but it was still smouldering this morning. I know, I know…it was a bonfire, so why didn’t we let it burn? Well I wasn’t sure if they were saving it for Guy Fawkes, so we weren’t sure if they wanted to come back to a pile of embers.

That’s it for now.

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