New car for Jen…

It’s been fairly flat, but busy, since the wedding – not helped by Jack blooming Frost shouting his mouth off down here. I have not put long trousers back on (when I started this I had hoped not to wear long trousers ever again), but that was more in protest than in deference to warm knees. Hopefully it’s going to get hotter from here on in. We’ll see.

It’s mostly been about getting Jen a new car – which we have managed. A lovely blue Fiat Panda (1.1 auto) which, for me, is the perfect car. I do love the shape of the mark 2, and weighing about the same as a Smart Car, it’s huge fun to drive. The good news is that Jen likes it too! Her 207 (that’s the number of faults it’s had since she bought it last year) failed it’s MoT on a broken rear coil. We Fleech Any Car initially offered £635 for it, but having taken it to them they dropped the price to £300 less a further £50 admin fee. Having spent £120 getting it through its MoT (£320 in the past week) I’d rather give the car to a family that needs it than hand it over to them. So and sos…

new car…!

Anyhow, it seems likely to be sold today. My mate Nicky offered it around the school and an old pal looks certain to buy it (for £630 – a snip on a trade-in price of £900 + 12 months MoT), so all might be well in the end.

For the rest of the time we’ve been taking stuff out of Doris – something needed to be done, even before we realised she was a bit on the fat side. The good news is that a company called SVTech has her paperwork and will help me up-plate her by a further 250 kg which will make all the difference. My work on Doris now includes providing a 12/240v plug by the driver’s door so C can plug in her angle light even when we’re off grid. And, and this is a surprise, I found a TV cable under the dash? It must be attached to some form of internal aerial as when I plug the TV into it, we get a picture? I know we have a sat dish, but this allows us to watch terrestrial TV when the dish can’t find a satellite. That is something I’ve been meaning to sort.

Finally, I am going to be The Caravan Club’s pin up in the next couple of months. A nice chap called Stuart phoned me and, after asking a few questions and me sending a load of photos, they are producing a short spread on the life of the itinerant author! Once it’s published I shall direct you to it.

Still counting the days to going abroad. Because we need to be here this time next week for Jen, we have agreed to look after ‘the estate’ (P&K’s place) for the weekend. Hopefully Mrs Sun will be with us and we can use the pool… It’s a tough life, but I’m prepared to put up with it for a little longer.

3 thoughts on “New car for Jen…

  1. Greetings! I’ve been following your weblogg for a whjle now and finally ggot the bravery
    to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houstoon Tx!
    Just wanted to tell you keep upp the fantastic

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