A fabulous time…

Pay attention, I have a lot to get through. First, we’re back at Jen’s after a fabulous couple of days in Dorset/Somerset for R+C’s daughter’s wedding. It was great on so many levels. The church (which we helped decorate with more flowers than a 60’s convention), the venue (a lovely old stately home), the food and drink (doled out very generously) and, of course, the people. Nearly all of our close ex-Army friends were there – and their children – all of whom know Jen (and now James), who were also invited to the wedding. And Mrs Sun was with us throughout, just in her underwear. Well done her!

all of the Army children (Jen in the flowery dress towering over everyone else)

Before that we had a day at VanBitz who updated our tracker system. The alarm, which has been working since we bought Doris over 12 months ago, is the best you can buy. But the tracker needed to be transferred and rebooted with a new SIM card. Now, with a simple SMS, we can interrogate where Doris is at any time. And if she is broken into I get an SMS. And, and I didn’t know this, I can set the speed limit, and should Doris exceed that speed limit I get another SMS. This is fine, except that ceiling was set at 54 km/hr, which meant I was getting an SMS every 20 mins (at 20p a text!). But, a simple text message sorted that, and now I can drive at any speed and nobody phones me. Finally, the system is fitted with an external loop which allows you to alarm stuff outside, like bikes etc. It’s all very sexy.

Doris getting weighed – note new awning

And on Wednesday, Chelstons fitted a 4.5m awning. Which is fab (but not cheap = £1200). Whilst we were there the original owner of Doris saw us and came and said hello. He’s the chap that put over £10k’s worth of extras on Doris (now £11k with the awning). And he had nothing but praise for the van, which was good to hear.

Tomorrow, having now bought a new set of keys, replaced the thermostat, sorted an air block and today replaced the temperature sensor, Jen’s car goes in for an MoT. There are currently no ‘codes’ coming up on the code reader (everyone should have one…). Then, hopefully, we can get a couple of hundred quid for it and she can go and buy a Panda!

Oh, and Doris is fat! We had her weighed when we left Chelstons and, for comfort, she needs to lose a few pounds – we’ve started that process this afternoon. I am also looking to get her up-plated from 4250kg to at least 4500kg, which should give us plenty of spare. That’s another job for next week.

Still waiting on books and screenplays. We’re due on the continent mid-next week and in the mean time I’m going to do a bit of work for a pal of mine: it’s all about home batteries, storing Economy 7 and excess solar panels. Right up my street.

Till Wednesday…

3 thoughts on “A fabulous time…

  1. Love that photograph….. And great to see you both last Saturday. Have a great time in Croatia. All the very best Barbara C

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