Phew. That’s that done then. I have finished the major edit of UH‘s screenplay and sent it to Frank. It is now a different beast to the book, and, in terms of cinematography, it’s much better. Well done Frank for the suggestions. He tells me he’s going to share it with Keiron Hawkes asp, and maybe there will be a meeting next week? It all sounds too good to be true, which probably means it is… Oh well. What it has made me do is not push the publication of TIOT as my London contact/agent tells me that if I have a firm offer for the TV I’d get a book contract. So, I’m going to let this run for a while.

here it is – soooo excited

We’re down in the West Country. Yesterday we had our tracker alarm rebooted. I can now inquire where Doris is at any point (via SMS), and the tracker tells me – plus a whole load of other stats. I also get an SMS everytime I break the speed limit. I’m going to have to get that turned off – somehow.

Today, Chelstons are fitting an awning (hurrah) and then, after all the work we’ve done on her over the past 3 weeks, she’ll be as good as she can be. I’m not sure there’s much else we can do (I’ve got an internal lamp to fit in the en suite area); so we can now start to enjoy her! I have also sorted out Jen’s car as much as I can (C’s driving it alongside Doris). The ambition is to get her through her MoT next week and then sell it. No good money after bad if I can help it. That’s a big finger’s crossed.

And the now Caravan and Motorhome Club (was Caravan Club) have been in touch today. They want to interview me for one of their summer editions – a sort of special about an itinerant writer. I’m going to be famous – hurrah! I hope I’m allowed to mention the books…

That’s all from us. Another night at Chelstons tonight and then onto the wedding reception in Dorset. Back with Jen on Sunday and a week sorting out her car and hopefully helping her buy a new one. Busy, busy, busy…

7 thoughts on “Phew…

  1. Zbusy, busy, yes… But it always sounds as if you really enjoy it all and that’s good! Our Exsis came out of winter storage, yesterday, means I need to get busy too!

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