Happy Easter!

I have broken the back of the screenplay rewrite. It’s not been easy. It took me two months to write the original, and whilst there’s little wrong with my writing, nor my structure, it’s the subtle changes in plot which Frank suggested (and I wholeheartedly agreed) that are taking their time. It’s a bit like patching up a wall that’s magnolia. It doesn’t work – it will always be a different colour. You have to paint the whole thing. Once you’ve changed the plot at the beginning of the screenplay, you have see it through. And when you make five or six changes then the whole thing needs real concentration to keep on track. It doesn’t require much literary genius, it just requires the ability to juggle. I am managing, and hope to have it finished by Thursday. I have, of note, written 9 news scenes in the process…

It’s been a fun time at P&K’s, but we leave today. Jen and James came on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday we went for a walk/run up on the barrow – Jen and I ran together, which is a first (for a very long while), and a lovely one. Then James showed off his new drone (which comes with camera) and we took an overhead of P’s estate, and then the pool opened! At 27 degrees it was workable, although chilly outside. C knocked up a fab roast lamb lunch and, as Jen and James left, P&K and family came back. C produced a chilli (well done her) for everyone and we had a v convivial evening.

What now? This week is about finishing the screenplay and getting Doris to two doctors (she is looking fab after all the work we’ve being doing on her): first to get her alarm rebooted – it’s a tracker that hasn’t been tracking; and second a full length awning, which we are v excited about.

Happy Easter from Doris!

And then the first of two weddings this year. Our mates R&C’s daughter is getting married in Dorset on Saturday and there’s a great crew gathering. It could get messy…

Croatia has been delayed by a week due to Jen needing our help and support for a bit longer. She’s going through her final 6 months of therapy and we need to be around for a couple of days, the week after next. But I still make it 7 weeks on the continent. Hopefully it should give a bit more time for the Euro to rebalance!

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