Am screenwriter…

So, what do you want first – the good news, or the bad news?

Well, bad news first. My agent opportunity in London has come to nothing. The woman asked to read UH and FtF, and after 3 weeks this is the reply I got this morning: Thank you so much for sending me your books. I really enjoyed them and love the Sam Green character but sadly do not think I help – the market is really tough at the moment especially for fiction and I just wouldn’t be confident that I could place them.

I also read that agents/publishers are disinclined to take on authors mid-series… Oh well. I am at my wit’s end with the traditional publishing route and now hope that Kindle offer to publish. That would be a red-letter moment and remove some of the pressure to get TIOT out there.

me and Frank

The good news is that I spent today with my director friend. I drove all the way down to Kent yesterday and made it back this evening. Frank (Harper – he’s happy that I use his name), is v positive. We spent most of the time looking at ways to make the plot more TV friendly – he seemed v happy with my ability to write, which was a plus. And, as a result, I have a good slice of work to do. He seems v excited by the whole thing and spent an hour last night talking to Kieron Hawkes (Ripper Street and Fortitude). Frank is looking to take the screenplay to him in the next couple of weeks. So that is going somewhere, but there’s so much water and bridges etc. I shall give it my best shot.

What with some more sorting out the van and further work on the screenplay, that’s going to keep me busy for the next week or so. And then we have the daughter of a friends wedding to go to – and then Croatia here we come! Hurrah!

Jen’s car is still messing about, but it got me to Kent and back. It destined for the scrapyard I feel.

So, all good here, even if I can’t find a library agent for love nor money!

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