Doris maintenance

We have been busy. Accompanied by near-on Mediterranean weather we have taken Doris apart and cleaned and polished. I have resprayed the front right wheel arch which had an altercation with a German bollard last year, cleaned the roof and resealed the sat dish, checked the kitchen taps for drips (= none), started the grand t-cut and polish, and checked a myriad of other things. C has been in and out of Doris, cleaning anything and everything. We’ve walked Pico, P&K’s black lab around the estate, and exercised some more – finishing off for a swim in their quite lovely (and quite big) outdoor heated pool. Fabulous.

Walking with Pico

I’ve got an appointment with Timpsons tomorrow to reprogrammed Jen’s car keys – I hope that sorts the sporadic starting. And, after much investigation about the car running cold, I took the thermostat off yesterday and (I think) it’s stuck open. I shall get a new one tomorrow, fit it and then bleed the system. I am learning a lot about cars – some of which I knew, but had forgotten. I am really enjoying the ‘fixing things’ (Doris’s sat dish, wobbly front coach wing mirror, car aerial etc) and it bodes well for wanting to build our own house. When we find the right country…

Doris maintenance

Nothing on the books. I’m meeting with my director chap on Wednesday to look over UH screenplay. And I have just re-edited The Innocence of Trust – which I love, I really do. I’m so excited by it. I just need to come to a conclusion on how it’s going to be published. By the end of April – I have promised myself…

Anyhow, that’s us. We’re fine. Really looking forward to heading off over the channel for a bit of P&Q. Only two and a half weeks to go!

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