Two days with Mrs Sun’s company – whatever next? It has been full on. Either we’ve been decorating or tidying (today in the sunshine it’s been the garden), or I’ve been at work down in Wells … or we drove to Wales and walked up Pen-y-Fan. With Cassie, who then slept all day.

Doing the house hasn’t been a chore, and we have seen real improvement. It’s not been necessary to spend a lot of money, but we have spent a bit on bits and bobs. Jen and James should be v pleased when they come back, and, should we move in in about a year’s time, then we have broken the back of a lot of stuff that needed to be done.

Our hill walk up Pen-y-Fen was fab. It’s not a small mountain (about 4 hours walk and 700 metres of climb). The weather was great except, when we turned back along the horseshoe, the wind blew a gale. At one point I put Cassie on a lead for fear of her being blown off the top! We came back via Daren and Karen’s who live in Chepstow. They’ve just bought themselves a brand new Hymer. Not quite as big as Doris, but big enough. Their plan is to pack up (in 5 year’s time) and drive off into the sunset. It was interesting to see what Hymer have done over the 6 years between theirs and ours. In general, not much has changed – but the new vans have a couple of nice touches. Anyhow, well done them!

We popped over the Peter and Karen’s for supper on Thursday night, the outcome of which was that we will house sit for them the week after next when they go skiing. This works for us, and being static should give us time to give Doris the once over before we head off to Croatia for the Spring. Having been in Daren and Karen’s van yesterday, I really can’t wait to get away.yy

And the books? Well nothing back from the agent who has UH and FtF. I have dropped her a line to see how’s she’s getting on. I spoke to my director chap yesterday. He’s halfway through the screenplay and is very happy with it. He said he’d give me a ring back early next week. My next job is to reread The Innocence of Trust and whilst I’m away in Croatia I will edit UH, to bring it in line with the screenplay.

That’s all from us. Happy Mother’s Day!

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