Which country?

Phew. We’re getting somewhere. Most of the decorating (and curtain and blind replacement) is almost done. I’m an average DIYer, and normally I hate it. But, I guess because the house is ours and, once Jen and James have moved on we may use the place as a bolt hole (and I’m not working), it’s actually been quite cathartic. And the place is looking really good. We both hope J&J like the improvements. They, and Bex and Steven, are having a fab time. The photos of all the sea life and the colour of the Bahamian water are great. And, what has surprised us, is that they are all getting on.

In between painting and sanding I have had a day at a school doing a 360 degree report for a Deputy Head. It was fun and I hope that my conclusion and recommendations make a difference. I’m back up at the school again next week, so doubtless I will find out. I am purposefully not pressing this leadership business, and, as a result, I’m on about 20 days work a year. I think I could push it harder, but then would we be able to escape to Croatia for 10 weeks next month? Mmmm, not sure.

Walking Cassie on Sandy Bay, by W-S-M

One thing we have been talking about is building a house. Leaving aside the question ‘in which country’, we have a clear plan on what the place would look like. It’s much more a £100k house than a Grand Design, but it should do us. We both now know what it will look like. As a bit of fun I’m going to buy some balsa wood this weekend and put it together. And I’ve checked out computer aided design programmes – that produce professional diagrams, and they are affordable. I have a degree in civil engineering, so I might be able to pull something off. Certainly I would aim to project manage the whole thing, and put my back into helping out. But first we will need to chose a country…

Wasn’t it just two months ago that we said we were definitely buying a ski chalet in France, living on the top floor and renting out the bottom! What are we like? What is great is having the time to think these things through.

For the record we had a lovely supper with Annie and Al on Tuesday night and were out again tomorrow night at Peter and Karen’s. We lucky to have such friends.

And into Wales in Saturday with Cassie. I think we aim to climb Pen-y-Fan and then have a cuppa with Daren and Karen in Chepstow. They’ve just bought a brand new Doris (a big Hymer). Well done them! Can’t wait to look around…

2 thoughts on “Which country?

  1. How nice to have so many plans and dreams! Success with decision making!
    Do your friends know about the Hymer Owners Group on facebook? Fab page for Hymer owners!

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