If it doesn’t move, paint it…

It’s still work, work, work, whilst I continue to follow a couple in a Hymer driving down the east coast of Italy. You can guess who has Mrs Sun as an accompanist. Ho hum. But, we have both agreed that having the space to move about in a house (albeit a two-up, two-down), has been a real boon. So much so that when Jen and James move out we might not let the house out, but use it as a bolt-hole. Financially this would squeeze us a little, but we have a year or so to think about it.

Jen and James are having a fab time in The Bahamas. It is quite magical to see them with Bex and Steven having a splendid time. They’re spending the weekend on an island (I know, they’re all islands), in a rented house – and driving about on a golf buggy. I think the furthest C and I got at their age was camping in Austria. But by then we had at least one child, with a second on the way. The luck of the youth!

We’re getting close to finishing the major decorating bits here. The gloss has been painted, the walls touched up, miles of cabling that previous owners hammered to skirting has been ripped up, sanded down and what’s left has been painted. C has cleaned the kitchen as if we were moving out from an Army quarter, and she has washed everything that isn’t tied down. We have some small works to do in the house, and then the garden next.

On the book front Kindle Press have come back to me and told me they will have an answer on The Innocence of Trust by the end of this month. I am not pressing the agent in London, nor my director about the screenplay. I’m tempted to wait until Kindle come back to me, so I know where I stand. The waiting game is a pain…but on the positive side, a woman I don’t know stopped me in Wells on Friday and said, are you Mr Ladley (that used to be a precursor to ‘you teach my son/daughter and you do that well/badly)? Yes? I’ve read both your books and love them! When’s the third one coming out?

Can you ask for anything better?

Working Monday and Friday this week, and doubtless cleaning and painting in between. Work, work, work…

5 thoughts on “If it doesn’t move, paint it…

  1. Goo morning! We do so enjoy hearing your changing thoughts on what you will do, where you will live – letting new possibilities emerge as they occur to you, and trying them on for size. We have a similar process going on – minus the novel contemplation, but whether or not I take up any psych casework, and if so whether in Portsmouth (where could stay in west Meon and catch up with pals and also work on the family cottage garden) or in Leicester, where we will be supervising the boat build… and how long shall we rent the cottage out for, and shall we move back in at some point – o r stick with a narrowboat an maybe get a place abroad, or just rent abroad for flexibility??? So many possibilities, and it is lovely living in the Coachman with the freedom it offers whilst pondering all these things.
    Are you still set on getting a place in the Alps… was it Chatel, the spot you fell in love with? Or has that wained since you left there?

      • I think I will have to be pretty soon after your Croatia trip… we must mention some dreamy places to you to include on your itinerary before you firm it all up. When do you get back? We might have a narrowboat by then, so can have , rendezvous afloat!

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