Should we be chasing the sun?

It’s been a reflective couple of days. Having finished the screenplay and dispatched it (my director says he’s going to start reading it this weekend) and with some leadership work coming up at the end of next week, I feel disinclined to write anything in a literary sense (rewrite of Unsuspecting Hero and a new comedy screenplay ‘Mr Smith’ are two projects I have in mind). So, as well as doing some deep-cleaning of Doris and checking on Jen, I’ve been reading the recent blogs of fellow travellers – two of whom helped start us on this process in the first place.

Ju and Jay (Our Tour) have been in Morocco for a couple of months and are deep in the desert at the moment. Transformational stuff for them I think; what stories. Eric and Shazza, who did two years of European touring before they settled down to looking after Caravan Club sites during the summer and wintering in a bolt-hole in the south of Spain, are currently on their way back home to a campsite in the north of the UK for the next 8 months. It would be accurate to say that neither of them wanted to leave Spain, and they are always recalculating their decision as to what to do next. Finally, I found a new couple ‘A Life in the Slow Lane’. They’re in a newer version of our van and, like us at the beginning, have headed off to Italy for winter/spring, having both retired early (our age). They are currently in a campsite in south east Italy which we stayed in about two years ago. The weather there looks fab, and there are very few people on the site with them. It does make me a bit envious… As I have said before, one of the reasons we did this was to chase the sun and the snow. Ok, so we found the snow early this year, but wouldn’t it be great if we were in Italy now?

It’s all a thought. Having said that at least it is warmer here now and I have put my shorts on!

We have a busy three weeks coming up. Jen and James are off to the Bahamas tomorrow to see Bex and Steven. We’re dog and house sitting – which is good as we have a lot of work to do on the house. I also have four days leadership work and, I hope at some point, I may get to meet up with my director pal.

Finally what of The Innocence of Trust? Well, Kindle, who have the manuscript, have yet to come back to me – but I’m not yet pushing them. As, from about 2 weeks ago a literary agent asked to see copies of both UH and FtF, with a view to then reading the manuscript if they like the books. I have not heard back from them yet, but it is the first time that I have actually had a one-to-one with an agent. We’ll see…

So, all good here! Croatia for 10 weeks is the plan from late April. That’s going to be fab.

5 thoughts on “Should we be chasing the sun?

  1. Hi Roland, glad to hear life is treating you and yours well. I just wanted to query your reasoning regarding the proposed rewrite on Unsuspecting Hero… having finished it a wee while ago, and having really enjoyed it – I cannot think of how you would improve it. My only feedback would be of the need for an acronym list, a guide to the various departments of the army and Intel services, maybe a character glossary, and perhaps a map or two – which they regularly do in dvd box sets for series with complicated casts and to enrich the reader’s understanding. I have come across other novels that do this – and it adds a rather delightful additional and generous and caring touch in my view.

  2. Could you let me know the link to the blog “A life in the slow lane” please as I too follow the others with much interest whilst we continue to work what I hope is just a few more years before we can chase the sun.

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