A bit dull!

A quick note from me. Doris is currently being rocked back and forth by ‘Doris’. But surviving well. We’re back in Bristol, but moving to Mary’s today so that the 3 of us can go to Liverpool for the weekend – more of which later.


I’m now just 20 pages just short of finishing Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay. I’m getting better at using the programme and sharper at translating book to play. I hope to finish it by Sunday and then print it out. I need to work on making it more ‘sensational’ and sharpen the dialogue. I’d hope to get that all done by the end of the first week in March. We’ll see.

Apart from that, it’s been helping Jen and other admin. Sorry it’s dull!




6 thoughts on “A bit dull!

  1. Only a bit dull?

    Authors PT: produce one side of descriptive prose that holds the reader, at least stops them yawning, as to how Clare, who is really Sam, saved Doris from being huffed, and puffed and blown away.


  2. Not dul at all – you are the only person I know to be writing a screenplay. I am reading Unsuspecting Hero at the moment, and enjoying your style hugely. Elegant technique at work for sure.

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