Making progress?

It’s difficult to know what to write about. Should I remind everyone of Donald’s notable successes in his first 90 days? Should I talk about the weather? Both have been rays of sunshines!

Well, what can we say about Donald? Best, perhaps, summed up in his Florida rally yesterday. He wants to reach the American (adoring) public avoiding the liars and fake news that those so-and-sos The Washington Post, CNN and the BBC have been proffering. So the best way to do that is to hold a rally in Florida for a few thousand people and let the national media report it. Mmm, makes sense to me. This is his third weekend in a row that he’s headed for his holiday mansion in Florida, where, if you’ve got the kind of money that buys you a private jet, you can purchase a condo and rub shoulders with Donald on his days off. Not sure that’s wholly ethical…

Now we’ve watched all of the West Wing, three times. So we know how to govern in the US. And if Donald is in Florida soaking up the adulation of his adoring fans and rubbing shoulders with people who have spent a fortune on buying some of his property, then who’s running the country? And call me old fashioned, but why isn’t he in California helping out with the flood defences? Oh, of course. They didn’t vote for him.

It’s going to end in tears. My worry is that it may not be Donald shedding them. Let’s hope the Dutch, then the French, then the Germans all vote with some intelligence. We, of course, started this with the Brexit vote. I do worry…


However, Mrs Sun has been omnipresent and, after a couple of days with C’s sister down in Wool, we’re now Day 3 of 3 on a small CL next to Dorset coastal path. It’s been fabulous. Two long, up and down walks, and today hopefully a run.

We’re also in Lost – now Season 2. It ain’t half bad. As Jen said, if you suspend disbelief it’s quite a lot of fun. Certainly, with the way things are at the moment I think I’d rather be fending off savages on a remote island than sitting here waiting for Armageddon.


Back to Bristol tomorrow, then Mary’s next weekend for a trip to Liverpool. I’m over halfway on the old screenplay, so should be finished by early March – well ahead of schedule. It remains fun, but I think I have a lot of work in draft 2 to sharpen it up before I show it to my director friend.

It’s all good!

2 thoughts on “Making progress?

  1. Hi I really enjoy reading your blog and your books, just finished the first one. We have a motorhome and I would be interested to know the CL on the coast path as we are keen walkers and I do photography as well.

    • Thanks Paul. It was Doghouse, Chideock – No 532. £15 inc EHU. A 20 minute walk from the path. I’m glad you liked the book(s). Please pen a review on Amazon if you haven’t already – they really help. Third book, The Innocence of Trust, is out soon! Roland

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