Missing the snow…

We’re sat watching Ski Sunday – which is no longer about skiing  as they’re mostly tumbling through the air on a snowboard, with trick names like ‘backside 1440 melon’. There are more neon lights and advertising babes than at an F1 night race. Interestingly there were 2 UK men in the final 8, and 1 woman in the same event. Fabulous. I do really miss it – I really do. It’s the snow, the cold, the crispness, the mountains and everything else. Sigh…

We had a great evening with James and Sheron (who we haven’t seen for over 2 years). They live in deepest Devon and Doris had to breath in a couple of times as the roads narrowed and the hedges widened. It was great to see them – and we shall do our best to pop down more often.


Doris got mostly an all clear from the doctors. There’s a high damp reading on the back garage wall. She’s covered by Hymer’s 10-year cover, as well as Chelston’s warranty. It’s funny but Hymer only built with single pre-fabricated sheets: aluminium outer, decent insulation and breathable plywood inner. The 5 sides are bonded and there is no wood in the process. Chelstons are checking again in 3 months, and if there’s still a concern, then they’ll sort it. I have to say it’s difficult to spot and damage as all of the sides look strong. But the boot has been very damp and cold, so, even though there’s a heater outlet ion the boot, I’ve put a heater in there and I have my own damp metre coming. So, we’ll see.


We’re now back in Bristol and, thankfully, the weather has cheered up a bit. I’m 25/200 pages into the screenplay for Unsuspecting Hero. And I’m working Monday to Wednesday next week in Cheltenham, Chepstow and Wells. All’s well.


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