Bedding in…

We picked Doris up from P&K’s on Friday and made our way to our fave campsite (CL) just by the M48 bridge. It’s now £12 a night, but still in easy reach of Jen’s and best placed for me to work in Cheltenham and Wells (which I am doing the week after next).

As we started to unpack the car – full from all the stuff we took to Chatel –  I discovered a gas leak. After some investigations it became clear that the feed connection/gauge’s nut that joins the two Gaslow cylinders to the main entry pipe had split and gas was pouring out.  I have no idea how long it’s been like that, but I was able to disconnect everything and just attach one cylinder. Thankfully Doris is going in for a service on Wednesday (still under warranty) and Chelstons will fix it for us.


You may have noticed that it has been raining a lot. This hasn’t stopped us getting ourselves bedded back in to Doris, being taken out for supper by Jen and James, buying C a Fitbit exercise band, ordering me a Garmin equivalent (down to just £54), and looking after Cassie today, taking her for a long walk to make sure C completes her 10,000 steps – now at 13,000 today. Hurrah!

And, by way of prep before I start the screenplay for Unsuspecting Hero (I got my ‘director’ friend to send me through a copy of an original screenplay so I can see what one looks like), we watched Endeavour tonight – which has got to be some of the best filmed TV in the business. It certainly gave me a lot to think about as I start to pen a fairly dark spy thriller…I’m so excited by the whole process.


The rest of the week is sorted. We have 2 nights in Chelstons so they can give Doris the once over, and I have 3 days work the following next week, including a 2-hour leadership session with a bunch of houseparents. Should be fun!

4 thoughts on “Bedding in…

  1. We’d welcome your view on wristbands as I’m looking for one. Lots of choice on market and I already have Garmin half brick for serious sport

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    Sent from my iPhone

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