Home soon

Tomorrow (Sunday) is our last day here at the apartment in Chatel. We leave v early Monday morning, hoping to catch a late pm ferry and be with Mum and Dad before we fall asleep at the wheel. That’s the plan.


Since I last posted we have ski-walked-had a day out-skied. Tomorrow we are walking for the last time. Our last two days skiing have been the best ever; both of us have got our confidence and now a little bit more style. We tackle anything and, the first of those two days we skied all day, finding some fab new runs up into Switzerland. Today, we skied down at Abondance (£9 for a day pass on a term-time Saturday against £31 for Chatel). It’s a lovely little area with a long blue through the trees back down to the bubble. The weather, again, was fab – and warmer now, but still below freezing. We have had the best of it. The snow has warn away in some areas and with non due anytime soon, they will have to start closing slopes again before long.

Our walk day was into the hills, up to a lake. In bitter sunshine – the car’s temperature read -17 degrees. It certainly was. But what a walk, with a picnic sat with Mrs Sun trying her best to warm our knees. Just fab.


And what a respite! It has been our best ever break. No outside influences, nothing to get us up for and nothing to force us to bed – although we’ve always been out of the house by 10.30. We have reaffirmed our desire to buy a chalet at some point (the grandkids have got to ski), and I have started to give Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay some thought. It’s not going to be that easy, in that with a novel you can explain what’s happening inside someone’s head – with a film, you can’t do that so easily. I’m already adding scenes in my head. Next, though, is to get a half-decent laptop (second hand) as Final Draft (industry standard screenplay programme) doesn’t work on a chromebook – my fave. And then set the scenes out on bits of card (advice from the director who wants to make the film) and move the cards around until it flows.

Also, I have some more leadership work. I’m running a session for a group of houseparents (‘running a team’) at the beginning of Feb and doing a 360 for a deputy head in March + my usual one-to-ones.


All’s good then – and certainly v excited by the screenplay. It will be finished (by my hand) on 31 March!

4 thoughts on “Home soon

  1. Don’t be such a tight arse – buy, yes part with loot, a decent laptop with a proper guarantee that won’t break down at the critical moment and cause us all, more importantly Clare, to share the ensuing pain.


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