I am a screenwriter…

Something interesting happened yesterday and today. It’s a medium length story, so I’ll leave out some of the details (actually, C thinks I shouldn’t mention it – it’s a superstition thing).

My brother lives in the same village as an actor/director chap. I’m not prepared to mention his name. He’s English, been in a couple of films and wrote the screenplay for, directed and starred in a British movie which was successful, but not a blockbuster. Anyhow, Kevin met the chap in the street and said I was a novelist and thought he might be interested in my books – and he lent him copies of both UH and FtF.

That was months ago. Anyhow, I got a call from this chap today who says he really likes UH and thinks it would be a fab movie – or mini-series. ‘A sort of UK Homeland?’ was his take on it. Anyhow, the long and the short of it was that he’d be prepared to tout the book and try to raise the cash if it were in screenplay format. He said he wanted to direct it. As the author, would I be prepared to give it a go?

Why not? I mean I know the book backwards and it’s about adaptation; no original thought. Except, don’t forget Roland, I know nothing about films and less about screenwriting. So, without commitment, I said I’d think about it. Which I am. So there (and sorry to C that I’ve given away that little secret).


Much more importantly, we skied in the small ski area in Abondance today (not connected to Chatel – so passes are 2/3 the price). And loved it. A chalet in Abondance then – that’s the plan.

I just need to write 4 more books and pen a screenplay…

6 thoughts on “I am a screenwriter…

  1. Oh, well… This made me think of another author with a couple of letters that appear in yours too, …RO.L.N. šŸ˜„
    Huge career too. Cross my fingers!!!

  2. This is thrilling news – so glad you did share it, and in suitably tentative language not to cause fate to raise her eyebrow and decide to teach you a thing or two. Can we reserve our seats for the film premier with you now please… xxxx

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